Amazing Tennis Strategy With Spandex Shorts!

Anyone who knows me knows my favorite form of exercise, and sport, is tennis. The only problem with playing tennis is the clothing that I wear. Shorts, unlike leggings, give me the air I need to stay cool. Unfortunately, the shorts are also the reason I lost my last match. Regular shorts have a bad tendency of not staying in place. The shorts are forever riding up my thighs, causing me to have to constantly adjust the legs of the shorts. This constant interruption was the first reason I lost the game. The second reason why i lost the game was my underwear. I hate the sight of party-lines, at least on me. So I prefer wearing thongs. The worst thing about thongs are that they pull into my crack.

Imagine having to do an extreme sport with the extreme discomfort of a thong?!

I could not concentrate. All I wanted to do was pull the thong out, or just rip it off altogether. In addition to the thong being where it should not have been, I was sweating a lot. This was bad for the thong and my spandex. The pain from the friction that the thong plus the wetness of the sweat caused was indescribable. I really wanted to just forfeit, but because I do not like quitting I decided to keep going, in pain.

There is no need to wear underwear!

The reason for the shorts being a problem when I sweat is more so as a result of the type of fabric the shorts are. You cannot wear jeans when exercising, and other certain types of material that are just not suited for sports. The shorts that offer the most comfort are also the most embarrassing for me. The sweat shows on the shorts in places that are the most embarrassing. I do not want people thinking I cannot hold my bladder, but, unfortunately, that is exactly what it looks like when I am finished a match. The fabric is also a little more see through than I would prefer. Add that with wearing a thong, and you have my definition of overly self-conscious. And who like sporting the cameltoe? Definitely not me.

So what was my solution? Full Commando spandex shorts is my life saver. Not only do I have to worry about the shorts riding up my thighs, but because they can be worn without underwear, I no longer have to worry about the uncomfortable thong and sweat friction where it shouldn’t be. The technology used to create these shorts are so wonderful that I do not have to worry about cameltoe either; that is a huge relief. Also, the material used on the shorts provide all the comfort I need, without the fabric being see through; no more free shows! Finally, the most important thing I discovered about Full Commando spandex shorts is the way it handles sweat. These shorts keep me cool and comfortable with the way it absorbs sweat, and I do not have to worry about sweat showing through the shorts. Now that I have these shorts, I am sure I will dominate my next tennis match. If you have the same issues I have had, do yourself, and your bottom, a favor and check into these shorts. If you have any of these same issues I had, with any type of workout, I highly recommend trying Full Commando spandex shorts. It has, literally, changed my tennis, and changed my life. Official website:

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