Beach Volleyball Will Always Be My First Love

I started playing beach volleyball when I was in college. My new college friends were beach volleyball enthusiast, and I quickly got the knack of the game. I loved being outdoors, on the beach and surrounded by friends doing what we all loved doing. Beach volleyball was our weekend escapes from the rigors of Monday to Friday studies.

When I was in my early twenties, I really did not care what I looked like. In other words, I could hardly be described as a fashionista or a girly-girl. Jeans and sneakers were my wardrobe choices 24/7, but jeans and sneakers are hardly the right gear when it comes to beach volleyball. Most of the other girls chose to wear the swimwear when playing volleyball. It made sense, we were on the beach, and we all loved a quick dive in the ocean after a game. I, however, was the bikini-wearing sort of girl, so my volleyball gear of choice was anything spandex.

Only spandex that don’t ride up!

Back then the spandex wear was nowhere near the quality or thickness we have today. Wearing spandex shorts meant wearing an oversized T-shirt to cover up, and it was comfortable but not perfect. I would spend hours trying to remove beach sand from my clothes and body parts after a few sessions of volleyball. It was frustrating, but I still had fun.

Not see through - You can wear it without underpants

I continued to play beach volleyball socially after college and still meet up with my friends from time to time when schedules allow. My love of beach volleyball has not changed through the years, but my volleyball spandex certainly has. I struggled for years to find the right combination of gear to be comfortable and be able to move freely when playing.

Squat-proof - shorts passed the squat test!

On one of my many lengthy internet searches for volleyball gear, I came across It is a company that specially designs and manufactures spandex wear for volleyball players. The owner of the company is a volleyball player herself, so she is well versed in the struggles we female players have to endure when trying to enjoy a volleyball game. I decided right then to order a pair of spandex volleyball shorts from

No muffin top look

I had to wait for a few weeks to try out my new shorts due to work and family commitments keeping me off the beach, but when I did finally get the chance I was over the moon with joy. The Full Commando spandex shorts lived up to every promise. It is a comfortable fit with no waistband cutting into your middle, and the shorts fit comfortable around your bottom without riding up your leg. I was able to dive, run, and spike to my heart’s content not having to worry about getting tangled in my oversized T-shirt or getting spandex burn on my thighs. Full Commando shorts are the best volleyball gear I have ever bought. I do not play a game without them.

No butt sweat and crotch sweat show

I haven’t even touched on the best part of this spandex shorts. It is so well made and designed that you do not have to wear underwear with them. They are thick enough to keep you well covered, and the technology in the gusset design keeps you sweat and stain free throughout your wear and game time. These shorts are quick drying, thick but lightweight and the fabric technology means no more hours of sand eradication from my clothes or body. I love this spandex short so much, I went back the website and bought me a pair of leggings for everyday wear. The spandex shorts allowed me to continue playing my first love, beach volleyball. I highly recommend these shorts to any active woman out there.

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