Crazy Solution To Avoid Panty Lines: Going Full Commando

We women often have to grapple with the dilemma of style over function. The fiercest debates are over two things, shoes and panties. Is it better to wear comfortable shoes or stylish shoes, when the two doesn’t coexist? Is it better to wear granny panties or any other type of panty, even if it is a bit more uncomfortable? The shoe debate is a bit circumstantial, as stylish footwear shouldn’t be a priority when going to the gym, crossfit, spin or yoga class... As for the panty debate, I’d argue, why not always be stylish? Personally, I don’t know anyone that willfully wear granny panties because they genuinely choose to. Sometimes, it’s because you can get more bang for your buck, other times it’s because they don’t have time to pick out the panties they want and they settle for whatever they can get their hands on, and other times, it has to do with body image issues. Despite all these reasons, I’d still argue, why not always be stylish? Especially, since granny panties are just the worse.

So What is the solution to avoid panty lines?

If you’re new to the world of underwear, don’t worry, I got you covered. There are several different types of female underwear. There are: boy shorts, French cut, hipsters, thongs, g-strings, c-string, tanga, Brazilian brief, tap pants and seamless panties. If you want something to over your bum, but accentuate the booty, then hipsters, and seamless panties are your friend. Hipsters can be almost any kind of underwear, except for thong. As its name suggests, they are panties that reach up to the hips. Seamless panties are similar to the granny panty, but it doesn’t sag. It forms to the contours of your bum. If you’re looking for solution to avoid panty lines, they perfect for wearing under other tight clothing like skinny jeans, leather pants or leggings. Thongs are the other extreme. I’m sure you’ve heard of them. It has a piece of fabric in the front with a string in the back and a bit of fabric that rests just at the start of the hips. Then there’s g-strings and c-strings. These are derivatives of thongs. G-strings are like thongs, but the string goes over the lady bits instead of the bum. C-strings, are also similar to thongs, but, if you can believe it, it’s even more revealing! It is similar to the G-string, but without any support on the waist. The pictures of C-strings are a bit risque so I’ll leave that to google (pictures are definitely NSFW).

Going Fullcommando is a freeing alternative!

The Brazilian brief is vary from tastefully revealing to a bit of a tease. This type of brief is perfect if you want to show something without showing too much. Lastly, are French cut panties. These panties have been regulated to lingerie, but they’re fun to wear any time! It’s made of silky material that goes a bit over the thigh. It’s perfect for lounging around the house and if you’re wearing a dress or skirt. The fabric may be a bit much for trousers as it may bunch. Of course, if you want a break from the world of panties in general, going Fullcommando is a freeing alternative!

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