No Ride Up Volleyball Shorts, Every Female Player Needs This!

When I Started Playing Volleyball I Didn’t Think That Finding The Right Shorts Would Really Be An Issue For Me

As a teenage athlete feeling comfortable in what I wear definitely impacts my performance. When I started playing Volleyball I didn’t think that finding the right shorts would really be an issue for me. After all, the uniform is shorts and a t-shirt, what’s more comfortable than that? But I quickly discovered this wasn’t the case when my mother picked up my first pair of Volleyball shorts.


They were not at all what I was hoping for. They were too thin and rode up as soon as I started moving, certainly not what I needed to play properly.

No Matter How Many Different Brands I Tried They All Failed In One Way Or Another...

And made my Volleyball experience uncomfortable and unfashionable which made me self conscious on the court.

One of the biggest issues I experienced, almost across the board with all the shorts, was riding up. Even the brands that were advertised to be made out of special blends or materials, that should have kept them in place, ended up ill fitting and riding up while I played. Making them uncomfortable at best, downright painful at worst and left me feeling self conscious.

The odd pair that almost stayed in place came with their own issues. Some of them were made of ridiculously thin material that made them almost see through which meant ugly panty lines that showed right through them.

I Even Tried Wearing Thong!

I tried to make do with them and even tried wearing thong type underwear under them but I’ll tell you right now that playing sports in a thong is not ideal and I was basically playing my games with a constant wedgie.


They were uncomfortable to say the least. The constant movement meant rubbing, chafing and worst of all the dreaded camel toe which no teenage girl wants to deal with, especially in a crowded gym surrounded by your peers.

I was about ready to quit Volleyball completely just to get away from the never ending list of problems I was having trying to find a comfortable pair of shorts to play in.

Then My Mother Convinced Me To Try Just One More Pair Of Shorts And I’m Glad She Did!

These shorts also have a fantastic gusset lining which means I can wear them like their name suggests, with nothing underneath, and I never have to worry about being embarrassed on the court again.

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