Extremely Awful Spartan Race Experience And How Full Commando Spandex Shorts Changed My Life

As a woman, one of the most important things I try to focus on is my health; emphasis on the word “try”. I try to eat healthy, but do not fully neglect my cravings. I try to wake up early and have a productive day after going to bed early to get a good night's sleep. My favorite form of workout is Spartan racing. It helps me stay active and in shape.

I feel quite embarrassed - it always looks like I just wet myself!

At times when I am training for my next Spartan race, or even mid-race, I feel quite embarrassed. Not because I feel I am not the best, but because I always feel like someone is staring at some part of my clothing. I always sweat through my clothes; under and outer garments, tops and bottoms. When sweat shows through my bottom, it always looks like I just wet myself; not attractive. On top of the uncomfortable sweat, of course, my underwear gets sweaty and very uncomfortable. Because my thighs have always been the biggest part of my body, when I am training or in the middle of a Spartan race, wearing shorts is not fun, especially when having to move at the extreme levels I move. The shorts, whether they are loose or tight, always find a way to creep up and look like panties. Here’s the worst part of that, the shorts never rise symmetrically. One side is always up farther than the other. Having to stop mid-obstacle every five minutes to straighten my shorts is definitely the most annoying thing about training. And, SURPRISE! My underwear does the same exact thing. The only difference is one side of my underwear prefers to go into the crack.

There is no need to wear underwear!

Crotch and thigh sweat, along with asymmetrical shorts and panties, are reasons why I try to finish the Spartan races as soon as possible; so people do not notice how terrible my clothes look. FullCommando Spandex Shorts are also the reason I no longer hate being seen by other people. These shorts require no additional undergarments; that’s right, there is no need to wear any pair of panties. FullCommando Spandex Shorts make it easy to not have panty lines shown through your clothing. A plus about these shorts are, while they can be considered as underwear, they are actually outerwear. There is no need to wear pants over these shorts. A lot of shorts, and even underwear, are see-through, but these shorts are not. They are regular shorts; they just happen to act as underwear in addition to outerwear.

Another perfect characteristic of these shorts are the sweat absorbent technology. I no longer have to worry about being uncomfortable by the amount of sweat that comes from my crotch and inner thighs. Normally, once I start sweating there, my race is just about over. I feel so uncomfortable that I automatically slow down. I am also so afraid of too much moisture collecting down there. These shorts absorb so much sweat that I can continue each Spartan obstacle, without having to worry about sweat showing through. The last perfect characteristic is the fact that these shorts stay in place. FINALLY! I can race without adjusting my shorts every five minutes, which allowed me to be more confident, and less self-conscious, about my appearance. If you have any of these same issues I had, with any type of workout, I highly recommend trying FullCommando spandex shorts. It has, literally, changed my Spartan racing, and changed my life. Official website: www.fullcommando.com