Full Commando Caught My Eye

Volleyball shorts have always been a hassle, and I’m sure that you might agree. I always used spandex, which is what everyone used to play volleyball (that is unless it was beach volleyball). Still, I didn’t like them. They felt awkward, and they were unbearable sometimes. I didn’t like how they stuck to me, or how my underwear lining was completely visible along the tight fabric.

That’s why one day, I decided to look for something else.

Something that would fit me not tight, but would hold well. Something that looked good and didn’t expose my underwear to the wondering eye, and most importantly, something inexpensive. As a volleyball player, I don’t want to struggle and focus on my volleyball wear, I just want to play. I don’t want to have to look down every few minutes to make sure that everything’s in place, my eyes need to remain on the ball. I’d already bought a few spandex, not many, but enough to know that what I was trying out wasn’t great. So, I went on a deep search. I typed in different searches, read different articles, and clicked different links, when I finally found exactly what I needed. The name caught my attention right away, and I think it’ll catch yours, too.

The name of the shorts I found is called—Full Commando from ProVolleyballShorts.com

And let me tell you, they’re fantastic!

If you’re wondering what they are, the name says it all. These shorts are the perfect volleyball wear. They’re shorts that allow you to go—you read it right—full commando. And though that may sound a bit uncomfortable to anyone, especially if you’ve never gone commando, these shorts (and capris, and leggings) are super comfortable. I feel nothing but confident in them. These lightweight and breathable shorts are made from strong material so that they hold on easily and make you look good all in one. You really do feel free when you’re moving around in them. The fabric is actually quick drying, and there are zero sweat stains on it. I’m sure that your biggest question is what it’s like down south; especially with the liquids women are constantly producing. Well, there’s no need to worry. The technology behind Full Commando is amazing. The gusset (aka as the crotch) lining is a natural breathable and anti-bacterial lining that absorbs everything. There is no worry of sweat getting trapped because the lining itself absorbs it.

What I’m saying is that you can trust it!

The shorts remain flexible, comfortable, and fitting for as long as you wear them. So, wear them! They’re freeing, not uncomfortable, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Now, don’t look at this with an Okay, but what’s the catch? face because there is no catch. Zilch. Zero. The price—well, check it out for yourself over at Full Commando. It’s extremely affordable for what they offer. So affordable in fact, I bought 2.

P.S. Full Commando Shorts are available exclusively at ProVolleyballShorts.com – If you purchase 4 of them as a package you receive 30% off!!