Go Commando With Comfort And Ease

When you’re in the middle of an intense game the last thing you want is to feel trapped and uncomfortable in the clothes you are wearing. Your shirt, shorts and underwear should tick all the boxes – comfort, durability, breathability, flexibility, support – so you can play your best game. This sometimes means that you will opt to go commando. If you do this the shorts/pants ability to move with you as well as keep you dry and cool is even more important. When you have a big selection to choose from, deciding on the best pair of pants/shorts can be confusing. Consider these features and pointers carefully before you make a purchase. 

All activewear shorts/pants are made from a blend of fabrics. The two most commonly used blends are polyester-spandex and nylon-spandex.

It’s all about the fabric

Whatever preference you have with regard to style and fit, it boils down to the fabric of your shorts/pants. All activewear shorts/pants are made from a blend of fabrics. The two most commonly used blends are polyester-spandex and nylon-spandex. In recent year a new-comer has started to become popular, the bamboo-spandex blend.


Spandex, also known as lycra or elastane, is the one fabric that is found in all the different blends and yet comprises only 15% or less of the finished, blended fabric. It is a very stretchy, figure hugging fabric. Spandex can stretch 500-600 times its size without compromising the material and it will return to its original size. It is, however not a comfortable fabric to wear on its own. It feels quite sticky and isn’t breathable at all.


Polyester is a synthetic, hydrophobic fabric. In other words, it is water resistant and wicks away sweat so the sweat will evaporate. Since it is essentially a plastic, it is not as cool as nylon or bamboo. Another drawback is its smell. Odor causing bacteria grows better on polyester than on the other fabrics meaning it also leaves you smelling worse after a sweat-inducing workout. On the upside, polyester is the least expensive fabric as well as durable, quicker to dry than nylon and less abrasive.


This is an ever popular fabric due to its many advantages. It is also a synthetic fabric because it is made in a chemical plant using organic (carbon based) chemicals. Nylon is exceptionally durable, lightweight and dries quickly. It is also cost-effective but more expensive than polyester. It is softer and also a bit stronger than polyester. 


Bamboo is considered the Swiss Army Knife of performance wear. It is a natural fibre that is lightweight, durable, breathable, moisture-wicking and even has a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 50. Bamboo holds natural anti-bacterial properties and the best news is: it’s a sustainable fabric. Though it is more expensive many opt for this fabric because of its environmentally friendly character.

So which blend do I pick?

All three of the blended fabrics provide the stretch you need as they all have spandex as part of the fabric. When choosing shorts/pants to go commando in this is essential as they will mold to your body and not allow for any embarrassing gaps around the leg holes. All three of the other materials have its pros and cons and it is often down to personal preference. If you want the best eco-friendly, anti-bacterial material, go for the bamboo. If you want to go for the cheaper option then more often than not, polyester will be your go-to. It is breathable and very quick to dry. Nylon is the fabric in the middle as it’s softer and more durable than polyester and cheaper than bamboo.  

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They are made from a 70 % polyamide and 30 % spandex/elastaneThe Full Commando volleyball spandex shorts provide just the amount of stretch that you need for your body to move freely, while keeping the shorts in place so they do not ride up. The magic is in the 4-way polyamide/spandex material which is super soft, fully absorbent and strong enough to support the different positions and angles of your body without shifting from its place. The material can be stretched up to 600 times and it will still come back to its original shape. Even though the volleyball spandex shorts stick to your body, they are so comfortable that you feel like you are not wearing anything at all. The fabric is so thick, that it gives you complete coverage, even if you are not wearing underwear underneath.