Going To The Annual Volleyball Festival In Phoenix, Arizona? It’s Going To Be Big!

It’s one of the biggest events in all of high-school-aged sports. With over 10,000 players and 3,000 coaches on hand for a mega 5 day tournament, it’s going to be big. Have you ever heard of the annual Volleyball Festival in Phoenix Arizona? If not, then now you have… And if you’re enthusiastic about volleyball, then you should seriously consider getting your team to go.

Here’s why:

  • The event will host in excess of 500 teams. Not only are these teams from around the country, but many international teams will be making the trip from overseas to compete. Where else can you find such a diverse range of competitors all under one roof.
  • The festival is open to all-comers. No matter what you’re level, you can come and compete, as there is no qualifying needed. You just simply have to register and turn up, ready to go.
  • It’s a perfect opportunity for athletes, coaches and parents to immerse themselves in volleyball, testing and enhancing their skills, while enjoying the fun-filled settings.
  • It’s a great way to invigorate your love for the sport by breaking the routine of regular practice and match days. Individuals can bond, which will strengthen the relationships of the team.

Taking place between June 27 – 30 2019, the 36th annual championships will be held at the Phoenix Convention Center. The annual volleyball festival is for club, school, and international teams. It offers great tournament experience for everyone, whether you’re a newcomer to the sport or a regular.

The Festival used to take place in Reno, Nevada until 2009 and used to take place in Sacramento, California until 2004 before that.

All teams will play on all four days of the event, with every team playing between 11 – 14 matches (unless they choose not to play on all days of the event). While days 1 and 2 will consist of pool play, days 3 and 4 will be either bracket or pool play, and will depend on how each team has performed.

The Annual Volleyball Festival makes free raffle tickets available to teams in order to help them out with their fundraising efforts.

In addition, there will be a free fund raiser. The Volleyball Festival makes free raffle tickets available to teams in order to help them out with their fundraising efforts. Two tickets are sold for $5 and teams get to retain 100% of their sales. Generous cash prizes are offered by the festival and winners do not have to attend.


There will also be a “Swing into the Jungle” Welcome Party on June 26 from 6-8 pm, where you can come dressed in your best jungle themed costumes to have some fun in preparation for the Festival.

If any friends and family are unable to make it, there will be a livestream, broadcast by FloVolleyball available from June 27 – 30.

In order to register, teams will have to pay a fee of $1,095 (which will cover 4 days of play). For further details, including the process to follow if you wish to register, go to volleyball-festival.com.

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