'Hotpants' that are neither hot not pants!

As a thirty something year old active female I don't suppose I am the only one to notice the problems with our clothing... From 'Sports Bra's' that do nothing to support the amply busted to 'Hotpants' that are neither hot not pant. We really do suffer the worst in terms of sportswear. And it's not just sportswear either, the viability and suitability of a woman's clothing has ever been found wanting alongside that of a man's. Whether it be work, sport or leisure clothing. All have big differences, and I'm not just talking about colour and shape.

What does history say?

Historically speaking you only need to be a little familiar to recognise the plight we women have suffered on account of our societal need to dress in expected ways since before the beginning of recorded history. First, we were not allowed to participate in any sports deemed unladylike. And then when the men finally admitted us to play alongside them it was to do so in demure little costumes that ensured our womanly figures wouldn't distract men. Thus, we came to swimming costumes that covered a woman from top to toe (ironically, since nowadays the Burkini is seen as offensive in a curious twist of fate. Little do those offended know that the earliest forms of swimsuit were similar in style and length. And equally as unflattering.).

However, we are not here to examine swimsuits; we are here to talk about leggings!

Woman's leggings are just about as comfortable as it gets. Where men relax in jogging trousers, we much prefer the smooth support of a legging against the skin. Not unlike traditional leggings (and most other female clothing) sports leggings are thinner than men's. Giving us less material per square inch than men can get – and often for cheaper prices. Run a few price comparisons if you don't believe me. Worse, most woman's sports leggings they design with 'the female form' in mind...and now we are treading a fine line. When I am at the gym I don't want men to stare at the tightly stretched fabric that is barely covering my body – I just want to work out.

I have finally found out perfect leggings for me!

They are launched under Full Commando brand. Full Commando leggings can be described as a sensible female leggings, in a lovely cheerful bright colour, that don't chafe my skin, don't ride where they shouldn't (or fall down where they shouldn't) and that I don't have to tie to myself with toggles. Check them out on www.fullcommando.com