How Did Bikinis Come To Be The Uniform For Women's Olympic Beach Volleyball?

There have been differences between women and men volleyball team uniforms that are easily noticed. As that women frequently participate in bikinis while men play wearing tank shorts and tops. Questions have come up in a number of conversations why is there have been such a variation on the clothing of athletes wear.

Back in the days these athletes were permitted to dress in long sleeves. Also it was acceptable to wear tank tops, shorts. But the records have shown that many of the athletes on say they mostly chose to dress in a two-piece since there are fewer spaces that the sand will hide. They also don’t see it as like swimming costume or something like a fashion wear but just as their uniform and nothing more than that.

In 2012 guidelines on uniform was brought to book.

Up to that time, female beach volleyball players were recommended to dress in bikinis whenever they competed. But in order to be more culturally inclusive, the FIVB modified the regulations to allow for a numerous or diverse combination. Hence considered the different kinds of cultures’ especially when it came to dressing mode.

In that year Egypt’s team in the Olympics participated while dressed on pants and long sleeves which were within the FIVB Code of conduct. Soon after there were deliberations as how they would come up with similar uniforms. During RIO games and hence to keep the uniform standard between the partners. And saw it that it was important thing to do.

Women’s volleyball often gotten a lot of awareness, the greater part of it is on what these. Unfortunately spent on what the athletes are dressed on and it is not on their physical competence.

The bikinis worn by beach volleyball female players - whether they're suitable is hotly deliberated.

A number of people often have wondered as to why the women dress in the bikinis at all times and while the counterparts are all permitted to wear shorts and tank tops. This has been seen that, looked into the matter and found that the answer is really simple: Women beach volleyball athletes put on the bikinis since they want to, not because it's a requirement.

On The other hand uniform options, such as short and long -sleeved shirts, aren’t all the time available. As soon as beach volleyball came as an event in Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996. The women's uniform at that was a bikini. Thus FIVB allowed shorts in order to accommodate different countries religions and cultural requirements hence the uniforms had to be made flexiable.

In beach volleyball, women’s uniforms are even more revealing than indoor court volleyball.

In the 2016 Games, several athletes choose for the modest choice. Thus How these games have able to bring about diverse cultures as one, by bring together them, in the world of sports. Despite having other options, a lot of other beach volleyball athletes in Rio kept on to wearing these bikinis given that it allowed them to participate. Even in the intense heat and also it's what they have been used to wear. Hence bikinis have become more or less the most accepted.

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