How Do I Beat Taller Players in Volleyball?

It is very common to think that height is a great advantage for a volleyball player. This is not always the case. Height only makes a difference when it comes to the front row. There are many pros to being a shorter player.

The first thing to consider is that defense wins more championships than offence. When playing with a shorter team, you should concentrate in making defense as tight as it can be. Your ability to quickly read the game will be your greatest strength when competing against taller players.

There are many advantages to being a shorter player

Generally, shorter players have better reaction times, you can react quicker than taller players and you are more capable of accelerating body movements. Shorter players are also able to rotate their body faster.

This is why shorter athletes usually make better skiers, figure skaters, and gymnasts.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, there are many ways is which being shorter is better when it comes to volleyball. Here are some tips on how you can use your height to your advantage.


Taller players can’t generate the same starting speed to get moving faster like shorter athletes can.

Smaller players are usually must faster and that is a great asset for your team. You can complement your natural speed with strength training, which will increase your muscle’s potential.

Ball Control

Another advantage for shorter players is that, usually, ball control comes easier for them than for taller players.

Taller players usually have the advantage when it comes to blocking and attacking, it comes more naturally for them.

However, one of the most important characteristic of a great team is their passing skills and their defense. Having an easier time with ball control is a huge advantage and one that should be exploited.


As a shorter athlete, you are probably going to train harder than taller players.

Most taller players are not encouraged to work on improving their power or speed. As a result, they don’t usually train to improve in those areas. Here is where you can out-train your opponents.

As a shorter player, you can work on your vertical jump to counterbalance your competition’s height.


Being shorter is also an advantage when it comes to strength training.

Shorter people have an easier time with weightlifting because they have more leverage and, therefore, can lift heavier weights. Being able to work your muscles harder with strength training will help you when it comes to speed and power, and being able to control your body movements.

Remember that height is not a requirement when it comes to being a volleyball player. There are many advantages to being shorter, and your training should be designed to enhance those advantages.

Concentrate of having the best defense you can have before moving on to offence against taller opponents. Working on your strength will also give you more power to put on your vertical jumps.

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