How Do You Play Volleyball And How To Do The Serve


What's The Real Story?

Volleyball is so popular that more than 800 million people play it around the world each week. The game was invented by William G. Morgan who was a teacher at YMCA, Massachusetts. He incorporated different sports like tennis, basketball and baseball to create a game that could be played indoors. He raised the net for volleyball six feet above the ground to make the game more challenging. This height is slightly higher than the average height of a person which makes it all the more fun when you have to jump and bounce to throw the ball to the other side.

Volleyball Is a Great Exercise!

You can play volleyball on the grass, at the gym or when you are out at the beachside, it does not matter. Most people enjoy playing volleyball at the beach, in fact, it has become one of the most famous beach sports. Volleyball is a great exercise as it helps in your cardio function, and gives you flexibility and balance that you need in everyday life. The sport is also great for improving hand and eye coordination because you need to predict where the ball will come flying over, and then act quickly to serve it back. You do not need to be part of a team to play volleyball. Just gather your friends and family, and head over to the beach to have a fun game.

The Volleyball Rules

The rules of volleyball are quite simple. There are two teams on each side of the net, and there are six members in each team. The purpose of the game is to send the ball to the other end of the net, so that the opposite team cannot return the ball or save it from touching the ground on their side of the court. Every team gets three hits to return the ball to the opposite side of the net. The game gets started when one of the players in a team serves the ball by hitting it to the other side.

The Game

The game is played for a total of 21 points, but you also agree on a different number. The team that wins two out of three matches wins the entire game. If the serving team wins a volley, they also score a point and continue to serve. But when the receiving team wins a volley, they get to serve and the players have to rotate by one position in a clockwise direction.Volleyball There are some common terms used in volleyball that you need to be familiar with. For example, ace means when the ball is served to the other side and no one manages to touch it. Sideout is when the serving team makes a mistakes and causes the ball to go to the other side. Roof is used when a player jumps higher than the net, and succeeds in blocking the ball. Dig means to save the ball from a difficult spike. Kill is termed when a team spikes the ball and it results in a point or sideout.volley

Practice, Practice, Practice,...

For someone who is starting out at volleyball, the most challenging bit is to serve a forehand serve. It takes a lot of practice and patience until you get used to it, and develop an instinctive reaction when you make a forehand serve. There are other types of serves like the underhand serve which is also common for beginners. The more advanced serves are overhand topspin and overhand float. Jump serve is another advanced technique which is used to send the ball to different sides of the court.

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