How I Completely Changed My Leggings Style!

I’m not normally one of those people who follow the latest fashion trends – not that there’s anything wrong with that – but one fateful summer leggings seemed to be in, and I just knew that I could pull them off. I worked in a pretty relaxed office, so the right leggings and a great blouse would be fine. I rocked in my leggings style and I did this several times, and got loads of compliments. So I was feeling super confident, right up until the day when the air con broke.

I was right. I looked amazing. Me and my leggings style.

The office was boiling, and I was busy, super busy. I had to rush around photocopying, going to meetings, or just sitting in my chair dripping sweat. After a really long session at my PC, I was feeling super uncomfortable, and decided to get a cold drink from the break room. It turned out several co-workers felt the same way, which was the worst possible thing for me, because as soon as I went in, they all looked at me, goggle-eyed. I looked down and practically gasped. It looked like I’d just wet myself. And then, because everything was chafing, I had to walk like some kind of cowboy to the bathroom to hide. I had never been more embarrassed in my whole life. Until I saw my reflection in the full-length mirror, and realized that my thong was also showing. And it was giving me a wedgie. I hadn’t even noticed because I was so uncomfortable from the chafing. At that moment, I could’ve just dissolved into a puddle onto the floor, and happily never come face-to-face with any of my co-workers again. It would probably be less painful, too. Unfortunately for me, I had no choice. I had to do something about my awful situation, and just go back out there like nothing had happened. I don’t know how well I did, because I was still feeling like an ant. The rest of the day was hell. I threw those leggings away the second I got home. I’d be happy to never see a pair of leggings again. Except…I did look really good in them. I really liked my leggings style.

But how to make sure that shameful experience wouldn’t just happen again?

I could try going without a thong, but I got hot again, that would just make it worse. What about those Full Commando leggings I heard about, that you can use for exercise? They don’t go see-through, no VPL, and I heard that they were really comfortable. The right pair would be great, I was sure. I racked my brains, and did a little searching, before I found them: Full Commando leggings. That was what I was thinking of. I bought a pair, and from then on, no other leggings would do. It transformed my style. They did everything they said they would – I didn’t have to wear a thong or anything anymore. And I could wear them anywhere – home, office, or gym. Full Commando leggings are just perfect.

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