How Short Is Too Short For Volleyball?

Can Short People Play Volleyball?

The first thing is that height is never a deciding factor in playing volleyball. It is not a hindrance of preventing you from getting to the very highest level of this wonderful game.

And how short is too short for volleyball?

You cannot be “too short” to be a volleyball player. In general, with the “Libero” position in volleyball, the shorter players does best at “digging” spikes or shots from the other players. Do you know something? Libero is a position on the court that is of great significance and here, height is not an issue. This position most of the times go unnoticed. People should know the impact that a player in this position has on the team and the result of the matches. Do you know that there has been a number of amazing setters who did not clear 5'7"? And they have made their teams to lead up to World Championships and the Olympics?

Volleyball is among the “team” sports whereby good players come in each and every size. If you are tall, you will play up front by aiming to block spikes or shots from the other team. You will aim to make points for your team by means of spiking the ball. If you are a short player, you will play in the “defensive specialists” that may as well pass the ball to the setter, who is usually a shorter player. Shorter players or those who cannot jump very high mostly play in back-row positions. Here, height does not bring any benefit.


A shorter player in addition has excellent skills of handling a ball.

Being among the shorter players in the team has a number of advantages as well. A shorter player usually has a bit faster response times and is more alert. You can touch down at the ground and take the ball with much ease than your tall teammate. A shorter player in addition has excellent skills of handling a ball. This adds a complete new vibrant to the whole team and a team member that the coach will be lucky to have.

Your height is not in any way a hindrance to becoming a winning volleyball player.

So, keep going!! The team is in need of you! Work hard and be motivated. There are many techniques that can impact the result of a volleyball game. Leave alone all the flashy things of being short. Even if you will in no way hit above a 7' player, you can still find victory against a huge woman like that. Thus, when you are posed with this question of “Am I too short to play volleyball” be positive.

Never allow anybody to convince you that height is the whole thing. No! If you feel that you are good enough, then you are not too short to play volleyball. Therefore, no coach, player or parent is supposed to consider it to be an obstacle.

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