How the Incredible Ultra-Comfort Pole Dance Shorts Changed My Life!

If you haven’t heard by now, ladies, pole dancing is not only for the strippers and their tease in gentlemen’s clubs. For the last few years, pole dancing has become a new fun way to exercise and get in shape. It builds up upper body strength, as well as muscles up the arms, thighs, and our buns. (They are called gluteal muscles and they are the bases of our buttocks.) The question then becomes not if you should take a class, but what to wear that is appropriate and comfortable.

The Fabric Could Be A “See Through” And The Camel Toe Problem

The answer is pole dance shorts, not running leggings, and a tank top. However, be careful of what kind of shorts as they can show too much. For example, and this is a common worry when wearing pole dance shorts, is that it is too tight around the thighs and crotch. When it gets that tight there, even with panties on, ladies will show a “camel toe,” the outline of our labia. Yes, that is the term that men like to see (let’s be honest, ladies), but it is still embarrassing. Solution: get shorts that are a little loose along the crotch region while tight around the hips. Those kinds of pants can be gotten from Full Commando.

Pole Dancing Will Lead To Plenty Of Sweating

Here’s another problem that is common with both ladies and men: sweat. Pole dancing will lead to plenty of sweating; I am a big sweater, unfortunately, and it can show through the shorts, specifically my buttocks. To improve on this, I went commando – Full Commando exactly. The term, of course, refers to not wearing underpants when we walk in our normal clothing. The sweat will blend in through the pants and not reveal anything under wearing Full Commando shorts. No one can see through the shorts, sweat or no sweat. Another solution these types of pants solve is that it prevents the fear of us doing squats. When I squat, we could be showing our complete butt crack in any color. In skin colored shorts, it actually prevents that see through to others.

Problem Of The Shorts - Not Gripping The Pole

One last problem I had at first and then solved was the problem of the pole dance shorts not gripping the pole when swinging around it. It isn’t just about our hands and arms, but also our shorts to stick around the pole to grip around while going up and down. But, I realized when I did my first round of pole dancing, I couldn’t hold on between my thighs while swinging. A friend told me that the shorts are actually not short enough. They have to be short shorts with spandex material that remains tight along the thighs and hips, as well as grip the pole when swinging around. Full Commando has that too. Pole dancing is an act of trial and error with our physical abilities, as well as what to wear to deal with comfort and sweating. It took a few times for me to get it right, but now I’m enjoying my pole dancing without the worry of showcasing off more than just my dance moves. Go Full Commando! If you really want that revolutionary Pole Dance technology change your life try Full Commando now! Official website:

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