How to Get the Right Size Volleyball Shorts

Why Does The Right Size Matter?

The right size of your volleyball shorts is the most important thing. How can you play your volleyball game if you are half the time more worried about your shorts than you are about the ball. Are you tired of your old volleyball shorts and want to try something new? Have you tried the volleyball spandex shorts at Full Commando that are super stylish and totally comfortable? The spandex material is especially designed for female volleyball players who have always had the problem of volleyball shorts riding up during a warm up session or a serious match. The spandex shorts are inspired by a female volleyball athlete who had the same problem when she was playing. So she came up with a product that addresses all the problems that women have had in a volleyball game. The spandex not only provides support to your body, but keeps it completely dry leaving you feel fresh and joyous.

But There's a Catch!

If you have not bought spandex before, you might be wondering how to choose the right size. While the spandex shorts are super elastic and very flexible, it is important to get the right size that fits your body, so that you can get the maximum benefit from these shorts. The best way to shop for a spandex volleyball short is to measure the length around your hips using a measuring tape. You can use a size guide to check the correct size of the spandex that matches your measurements.

What's the Real Story?

Do remember that the sizes are slightly different in every region for example, the sizes in UK and different from the sizes in US and Australia. Even the sizes in Europe are different from the sizes in UK. Therefore, check the respective location from where you will be purchasing your volleyball spandex shorts, and then note that right size from the size guide chart. Also, some people are taller than others, so you might want to measure the length of your legs as well to get the best fit for yourself. If you want a general idea, the average length of inseam for a small sized spandex is 2 ¾. For a medium sized spandex short, the average inseam length is 3 ¼. In slightly larger sizes, the average inseam length can go up to 3 ¾.

The Best Part?

Of course, when you visit the Full Commando website, you will find all those details along with measurement charts, volleyball spandex images and price denomination based on your respective location. You can also find out about shipping costs, and which areas have free delivery services. They offer deals and promotions from time to time, and keep adding new styles and designs to their website. The stock availability is very limited because every time a new design comes in, it runs out very quickly.

That's Not All...

I have been buying Full Commando spandex shorts for many years. I have never had a problem in finding my right size, and the shorts are so comfortable, that I wear them to the gym, when I am taking my dog out for a walk, and sometimes when I am riding my bicycle too. And I never feel tired after a match when I am wearing my spandex because they keep my body cushioned. If you love volleyball as much as I do, you will love these Full Commando spandex shorts too.

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