How To Keep Volleyball Shorts From Riding Up

Stop Volleyball Shorts From Riding Up!

A common problem that athletes often have, especially volleyball players, is that the volleyball shorts ride up the crotch during the game. It can be very uncomfortable not to mention embarrassing when this happens in a match. Even when you are jogging, cycling or doing a workout, having your shorts roll up can be very frustrating. First, it is important to understand why this happens. When we are exercising or playing a sport, our legs move faster and the friction between our things increases. The common shorts are often loose and wobbly, and instead of hugging our hips and legs to stay in place, they become wonky and run up our crotch. That is why you often have to stretch them or pull them down, so that the volleyball shorts can return to their place. So the question is how to stop volleyball shorts from riding up.
Full Commando Pro Volleyball Shorts

The magic is in the spandex material which is super soft and strong enough to support the different positions!

Fortunately, there is a solution to this bizarre problem. The Full Commando shorts are especially designed to glue to the body, so that the shorts do not shift during a fast-paced game. Volleyball is a game in which you require to jump and dive, and move in different angles, therefore flexibility in sports apparel is very important. The Full Commando volleyball spandex shorts provide just the amount of stretch that you need for your body to move freely, while keeping the shorts in place so they do not ride up. The magic is in the spandex material which is super soft, fully absorbent and strong enough to support the different positions and angles of your body without shifting from its place. Even thou the volleyball spandex shorts stick to your body, they are so comfortable that you feel like you are not wearing anything at all. The fabric is so thick, that it gives you complete coverage, even if you are not wearing underwear underneath. In fact, many female volleyball players wear spandex without any undergarments because they feel so comfortable in it. When you have a pair of Full Commando volleyball shorts, you do not have to worry about awkward situations anymore. You can just focus on the game, and enjoy it, like volleyball is meant to be.

The spandex provides such a flattering appeal to the body that women wear it wherever they go. The volleyball spandex shorts are so advanced in their design that they keep you cool in the summer as well. So while others sweat in their hot soggy ordinary shorts, you can look stunning, and remain dry and comfortable in your Pro volleyball shorts. If you haven’t already tried a pair of volleyball spandex, you do not know what you are missing. Go to the Pro Volleyball Shorts website, and check out their volleyball spandex shorts. You will be amazed at the kind of variety they have got, and the prices are super cheap. I am sure you will find more than one pair that suits your liking.

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