Is It True That Sand Volleyball Burns More Calories Than Indoor Volleyball?

Volleyball Is A Great Way Of Getting More Exercise

Participating in regular exercise is important, it helps prevent weight gain and keeps your body fit. Volleyball is a great way of getting more exercise. It is a team sport that builds friendships while making getting active an enjoyable experience. It is also a relatively easy sport to learn, with enough complexity that it will always be able to challenge you. There are, however, different forms of volleyball such as indoor volleyball, sand or beach volleyball and water volleyball. The amount of variety the sport offers, however, can leave some people confused. This article will focus on the two main types of volleyball. Indoor and sand, to try to find out which type burns the most calories.

Which - Indoor Volleyball Or Sand Volleyball Will Burn The Most Calories?

Let’s start by analysing the differences between these two forms of volleyball.

  • Different surfaces - As the names suggest, one of differences is that are played on different surfaces. Sand volleyball is usually played on an outdoor sandy court while indoor volleyball is played inside.
  • Court size - Another difference is the court size. indoor courts are larger, usually around 9 meters in width and 18 meters in length. Sand courts are usually smaller measuring around 8 meters in width and 16 meters in length.
  • The number of players - Another key difference is the number of players on each team. Indoor volleyball has six players on each team while sand volleyball only has two.
  • The speed of play - The final key difference is the speed of play. Because the sand volleyball is lighter and easier to hit, there are usually faster rallies and the game generally has a faster pace than indoor volleyball.

Now that we know some of the key differences between the two versions of volleyball, we can determine which will burn the most calories.

While both types of volleyball are great for keeping active, studies have shown that sand volleyball does burn more calories than indoor volleyball.

There are several reasons for this, the high speed of play and longer rallies means you have to move faster when playing sand volleyball than when playing indoor volleyball.

Additionally, moving through sand requires a lot of energy, which burns a lot of calories.

A study, by Harvard University, found that a 125-pound person playing a non-competitive game of indoor volleyball will burn 90 calories, while playing a game of sand volleyball will burn 240 calories. The study also showed that regardless of which type of volleyball you play, a more competitive game increases the number of calories burnt. This is because competitive games increase the intensity with which you play.

So, if you want to lose weight or get fitter while having fun, have a game of sand volleyball today.

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