Life-changing CrossFit Choice to help you Workout Without Muffin Top Look

CrossFit is the rage in exercise for the fittest out there. Men and women go to specialized gyms and events to participate in the CrossFit challenge. I just love the demanding challenge in mixing heavy weights, speed, and strength, a workout unlike any other. It demands blood, tears, toil, and a ton of sweat. But, with that last kind drop, I felt self-conscious of what I wear when exercising. I’m sure other ladies have felt concerns of what they wear also.

Here Are Four Problems We Ladies Must Have Realized At Some Point.

One, there are not gripped to help out upper bodies climb the rope or pole. Our thighs have to act as second hands when going upward. And of course the problem of muffin top look. Second, there is an unintended CrossFit striptease act: the showing of a camel toe. It’s not a fun look running everywhere with a bulge down in front with the lining of our vulvas for everyone to look at. Third, the shorts could be see-through, as in through the pants and showcase our butts, leaving little to the imagination. Finally Fourth, and this applies with me, I am a sweater and having sweat seen through the shorts is another embarrassing sight. Our workout wear should not cut off our fashion style or comfort. This is something we ladies talk about when we exercise. The same goes with how well our shorts function inside and out, regardless of color and fabric. I used to go out and wear tight panties and be concerned with those panty lines that show through. Then, I was introduced to Full Commando, a woman’s helpful guide to exercise attire that is comfortable on all ends to work out in. It is innovative to fill out all of those boxes we check off for approval.

So, why go Full Commando?

To start, it is made with the right fabric to prohibit any peek-a-boo through the shorts to see through them. They are also low on the detail and it’s not made to be so tight, that it will press against the woman’s low end that an outline will be seen. Full Commando shorts also improve a CrossFit user’s grip around the thighs when climbing up the rope or pole in a physical challenge. And, for the pervasive sweaters, these shorts absorb the sweat to keep it out of view. You won’t feel the sweat build up or see it drip out the more you workout to burn those calories. And also there is no muffin top look in this shorts.

I now am completely comfortable when engaging in CrossFit with my shorts because I don’t have to worry about what I should be concerned with other eyes staring down. No one can see nothing past the fabric or have any deep imaginations of what is there. Instead, it is all about muscle and how quickly we make our way through every single challenge. This is what Full Commando does. If you really want that revolutionary CrossFit technology change your life and if you want to work out without muffin top look try FullCommando now! Official website:

See real video review and how Full Commando Shorts perform in action:

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