Muay Thai: The Sport of Warriors

Muay Thai, or kickboxing as it is more commonly known today, is a sport that started over one hundred years ago as a combat style by the Siamese (now known as Thailand) military. The hand to hand martial art is no longer used as a military fighting style but is now a competitive sport followed by men and women. I started kickboxing about four years ago and quickly got hooked on its amazing health and fitness benefits. It is an amazing workout that assists with weight loss and strengths every part of your body. It also has the added benefit of giving you amazing self-defense skills.

Training in Thailand

After a while, I decided to take my training a step further and joined a training gym in Thailand for two months. It was sort of part vacation and part improving my kickboxing techniques. What better way to do that than in the home of Muay Thai. I have never been to Thailand before and needless to say I was ill prepared for the heat. The cloying heat and humidity almost made training impossible for me.

The added problem was that my workout clothes were hardly appropriate for that climate.

The fabrics were too thick and it made me sweat profusely. I was incredibly uncomfortable and the chafing was painful. This all made training uncomfortable and I was miserable. I was seriously considering throwing in the towel. The constant sweating and discomfort left me looking like a mess and the sweat patches where embarrassing.

Luckily for me, I was not the only woman there...

...and one evening over dinner I shared my experience with the other ladies there. One lady recommended Full Commando shorts and leggings. I quickly checked out the website and immediately bought a pair. Full Commando leggings and shorts are designed and made by active women for active women. The technology that goes into this activewear is durable, light-weight and the added bonus – you can wear them without underwear with absolute security and comfort.

The perfect solution for active women!

Since buying my shorts from Full Commando I have never looked back. The fit is amazing and the technology leaves you sweat-free and comfortable. These shorts fit snuggle but do not restrict your movement. Restricted leg movement is not an option when you are trying to perfect your round-house kick a.k.a Chuck Norris style. The Full Commando shorts have been the best investment I have ever made in activewear. It certainly made me look more the warrior than just a hot mess. You will quickly get hooked on to these shorts. They fit well and keep you safe from embarrassing leaks and sweat. And you can wear them without any underwear which means no uncomfortable creeping when you are working out. This activewear is suitable for all sports and physical activity.

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