No Ride Up Compression Spandex Shorts, Every Active Person Needs This!

Finally – Compression Spandex Shorts That Don’t Ride Up, Aren’t See Through And Can Be Worn Without Underwear!

If sport is a big part of your life, then you’ll know the struggles of trying to find a pair of shorts you can count on. Over the years I’ve tried everything from regular old spandex to various materials blends - but nothing ticked all the boxes of what I was looking for in a pair of compression spandex shorts.

Most of spandex shorts would ride up at the bottom, constantly distracting me during activities. I hated always having to pull them down. Half the time I was more worried about my shorts than I was about the sport I was doing! And I’ve never liked wearing underwear, it’s always so uncomfortable. But all my cheap spandex shorts were see-through so it was impossible not to wear them. You see, I don’t want anyone to know if I’m wearing panties or not. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of someone noticing, it’s the quickest way to make you feel self conscious - and yet another unwelcome distraction. Plus, other shorts would lose elasticity quickly and dig into your waist creating an unflattering muffin top. No matter how many different pairs I tried, there would always be something wrong that caused me to lose confidence in myself.

Even Expensive, Name Brand Ones Were No Good!

Then one day, I was doing some research online and came across Full Commando compression spandex shorts. They used a design I hadn’t seen before and claimed to have a thicker material than regular athletic shorts. So I thought what the heck and decided to give them a go.

After they arrived I tried them on, and they made the best first impression. They looked amazing! They had a wider waistband than regular spandex shorts, so they sit right on your hips, not too high and not too low. Then I noticed you really couldn’t see through them. I checked them out in different angles and lighting and they remained opaque the entire time. I’d actually found a pair of shorts you can wear without underwear. I couldn’t wait to tell all my active friends about these new shorts, but I wanted to see how they performed on me first. They didn’t ride up. These are the first pair that haven’t been a thorn in my side by always moving up my legs throughout the game.

Check Out Why You Can Wear Them Without Underwear

BUT That's Not All...!

They passed the all important squat test, and no matter which sport I was doing, the shorts held up their end of the bargain. The blend of fabrics with an inner lining prevents any leaks or sweat stains. The fabric is quick drying as well, so these would be great if you’re wearing them all day at a tournament. Even after an intense two hour practice they remained cool and dry. And, because I didn’t have to worry about if my shorts were see-through or not, I was less distracted and more confident!

Check out what others like you are saying about Full Commando Compression Shorts. I don’t want to say these are the perfect pair of shorts, but they’re the closest thing I’ve found so far!

Anyways, Enough About Me

If you, or someone you know is always complaining about their spandex shorts. Check out to order shorts with a design brand new to the US. They don’t roll down during activities and the unique inner lining prevents leaks and doesn’t show sweat stains. The best part is, they’re completely non see-through so you can wear them without underwear!

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