No Ride Up Volleyball Shorts, Every Teenager Girl Needs This!

"Hi! I was browsing for a solution for what kind of things people do to help athletes keep from picking at their volleyball shorts during play. I came across your product and thought, "What the heck! Let's give it a try."

So, I purchased a pair of Full Commando Volleyball Shorts for my daughter Lilly.

I would always get annoyed with her because every time she'd make a play or jump, she immediately start picking at her shorts to pull them down.

She is an 8th grader and pretty much plays volleyball year round. She plays for her Jr. High team, then she goes into playing for the Catholic school she attended from 2-6th grade--since she is a parishioner there, she is still able to play for the school. Then near the end of that, she starts club volleyball. In the summer, she plays on a sand volleyball team.

She breathes volleyball.

We were very excited for her to try the Full Commando Volleyball Shorts!

Lilly informs me that she LOVES her spandex! I asked her what she liked about them. She really likes the waist band. She says she feels that they are supportive but also lets her move freely without having to pull them down constantly.

As the mom--I like the material. They are durable and comfortable for her. Easy to wash for me.

I like that she doesn't have to pick at them! And I like that her butt cheeks are not hanging out of them!
We're glad that we found Full Commando Volleyball Shorts!
Thanks!! "
Shirley M.

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