No Ride Up Volleyball Shorts, Every Teenager Girl Needs This!

As a mother of a teenage athlete, having the right Volleyball Equipment is incredibly important.

When my daughter started playing Volleyball, I wanted to take as much care picking out her equipment as my husband did picking out football gear for our son. This turned out to be far more difficult than I had imagined! I purchased pair after pair of shorts for my daughter. Each time trying to find the perfect fit and style for her, so she could be totally comfortable and confident while she played.

Every pair I bought came with their own set of issues

At first, I went to my local sporting goods store and purchased a few different brands of shorts. Each was specifically being marketed as Volleyball shorts. Surely those would be just what my daughter needed right? But that wasn’t the case at all! Every pair I bought came with their own set of issues;
  • The first issue I found was that a lot of these shorts were so thin they were basically see through! This made my daughter self conscious about her appearance and really took away from her focus in the game.
  • Another issue I had with many of these Volleyball shorts was their length. They were just too short! I know that in a different setting you might even play this sport in a swimsuit. But when your teenage daughter is playing on a high school game with their peers, the length of the shorts matter. I found quite a few of these shorts, advertised for her demographic, were so short that no matter what size we tried they still didn’t fit right at all.
  • To make it even worse, when my daughter did find a pair that she actually liked enough to wear. I would end up having to wash them every single night! This was time consuming and certainly not very energy efficient.

I can order them in a four pack

Just when I thought for sure I would never find shorts that worked for my daughter and myself, I found the Full Commando Shorts!! I had been desperate for an answer when I stumbled across them. I knew these were going to be different. Even in the pictures they looked more like professional Volleyball shorts than any other pair I had bought so far. I was thrilled to find I could order them in a four pack rather than a single pair at a time.

I don’t want to say these are the perfect pair of shorts, but they’re the closest thing we’ve found so far!

My daughter was sceptical when she first tried them on, after all, she had been promised comfort and proper fit from other brands of shorts before. The first game she wore them in proved that they really were something special. For the first time she was able to focus 100% on her game. She wasn’t concerned about her shorts riding up, she wasn’t uncomfortable, or self conscious about her appearance, the Full Commando shorts were perfect.

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If you, or someone you know is always complaining about daughter's volleyball shorts Check out to order shorts with a design brand new to the US. They don’t roll down during games and the unique inner lining prevents leaks and doesn’t show sweat stains. The best part is, they’re completely non see-through so you can wear them without underwear! And an extra perk for me was getting a four pack meant I didn’t have to go home and immediately wash them for her next game because she had three more pair waiting in her drawer!

The Full Commando Shorts were everything they promised to be and more!

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