It’s Not You, It’s Your Workout Clothes!

Have you ever gone on a run and felt so unfocused and uncomfortable as you go about your usual route? Pause for second before jumping to the conclusion that it’s your body’s fault. There are a lot of reasons for this. Lack of sleep, hunger, the cold weather… but have you ever wondered if your workout clothes have anything to do with it?

Yeah, I get it. It’s not often that people would say workout clothes are important. But they really are, since the clothes you wear during exercise have a great impact on your performance during that session. You see, workout clothes should complement the sport or activity you’re going to do. If you’re a runner, you should go for exercise shorts that are loose and breathable to allow your legs full mobility. If you’re into flexibility exercises like yoga, leggings give you enough skin coverage. But still allows you to easily do the poses without worrying over accidentally flashing someone. Of course, if you’re doing hot core yoga you should go for yoga shorts that won’t let you overheat in the heated yoga room. I know some people are already uncomfortable working out in a group setting. So do yourself the favour and research the best exercise clothes for the activity you’ll be participating in.

You also don’t want to be wearing exercise shorts that ride up your butt. Or chafe your skin while you play your sport. It’s distracting and very uncomfortable, enough that it can make you lose focus on the gameplay. Nothing is worse than ill-fitting and coarse workout clothes. Also invest in a good sports bra that will keep your bust from flying into your face while you do jumping jacks. It’s awful, and it could cause you quite some pain after! While I understand that workout clothes can get pricey, choosing better quality gym clothes will do you better in the long run. They last longer despite the frequent wear and tear they go through. Since the technology that goes behind making them are especially designed for function, practicality, and longevity.

Now, I make sure that I eat a balanced diet to supplement the regular exercise I do everyday.

This allows me to easily see the improvements I’ve made on my body during my workout sessions. What nobody tells you is that your workout clothes should make you feel confident and beautiful in your own skin. While you may be sweating as you improve on yourself, you should still feel strong and attractive as you do it. Trust me, the perfect pair of workout shorts or leggings and a well-fitted sports bra makes all the difference when you see your muscles coordinating when you do weights in front of a mirror. So you want to take the jump and buy new workout clothes? Do as I did and go for a Full Commando. They’re a brand that makes the best workout shorts and leggings for women living the active and fit lifestyle. The strong, sturdy, and breathable material they use to make their attires make for the best workout pants I’ve worn in awhile - and you guys know I’ve gone through a lot of them!

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