Playing Volleyball In These Shorts Is Extremely Easy

I’ve loved playing volleyball since I was a young girl. The idea of learning multiple skills enthralled me since I’ve always been open to trying new things. What attracted me the most was the challenge it took to learn everything—the attacks, the spikes, the blocking. As a little girl who played only with her father, what I wore never mattered. I would wear shorts and a t-shirt one day, and sweatpants and a hoodie on another. Sure, I took it seriously, but it was only for fun. It was the perfect time to hang out with Dad.

But then I grew up, and I did start to take it a little more seriously—not enough to go pro, but enough to be able to kick some serious butt. And as I grew up, I started buying the appropriate volleyball wear. A part of the volleyball wear is volleyball shorts, also known as, spandex, also known as... the problem. When you first try something new, you buy the one that has the greatest reviews, and that’s what I did. Those reviews were big ole’ lies. That spandex sucked. And so did the next pair, and the one after that. And next thing I knew, I had a trashcan dedicated to these volleyball shorts! Okay, not really, but I may as well have. First, they were see-through, then the fabric was uncomfortable, or it stuck too tight. It was an endless list of problems. I decided that I just was going to stick with anything and suffer through it. I’m a tough girl; I could handle a pair of vexing volleyball shorts. One day, I was scrolling through the Internet when I bumped into the volleyball shorts that literally made my life 10x easier. That’s right, full commando.

I clicked the website and scrolled around. I’d decided I was done wasting more money, but it couldn’t hurt, right? And it didn’t. Not emotionally, and definitely not physically. Let me tell you about Full Commando because you’re going to want to read this. Full Commando’s volleyball shorts are shorts that you can wear without underwear. (One point there, already.) They’re made of strong material so that they don’t fall, but they’re lightweight! It’s incredibly easy to move around in them, and half of the time, I forget I’m even wearing them because they’re that much hassle-free. The gusset lining—which I know is what you have the most questions about—protects you from sweat or any leaks. It’s soft, and it’s anti-bacterial, so there’s no need to worry about anything going wrong. Full Commando’s got your back. Plus, no one will know that you’re not wearing underwear. The shorts fit perfectly. There’s no need to pull the front forward to actually breathe because they’re so comfortable. These shorts were exactly what I’ve been looking for. And I haven’t even gotten to the best part—they’re actually affordable! Playing volleyball in these shorts is extremely easy, and I can practice without any worry!

P.S. Full Commando Shorts are available exclusively at ProVolleyballShorts – If you purchase 4 of them as a package you receive 30% off!!