Pro Volleyball Shorts that are Comfortable like crazy!

Imagine this: Volleyball Shorts that don't ride up require no underwear, are still comfortable like crazy, and are easy to move around in.

I’ve always loved volleyball—and beach volleyball on the extra sunny days—but if there was one thing that I disliked, it would be the spandex I wore when playing.

Just holding up the volleyball shorts in my hands to inspect like old, dirty laundry annoyed me. Spandex were uncomfortable. They would practically trap my sweat, and I was always worried that something would go wrong down there. (Luckily nothing ever did, but the worry remained.)

Plus, wearing underwear? Ha!

It was like I wasn’t even wearing anything over them, that’s how obvious they were. While playing volleyball, I constantly had to readjust my volleyball shorts, making sure that nothing was too obvious, or pulling them down before everything was exposed. I was honestly getting sick of it. There was even a few times where I would sit out a volleyball game, unwilling to deal with the annoyance of regular spandex. I decided that I could deal no more with worry of infection or discomfort. I loved Volleyball, and I wanted to keep playing without worrying about my volleyball wear. But, was that even possible? I’d tried everything. Different styles, and fibers, and lengths, but nothing worked. Everything ended up with the same outcome—sucking. I spent loads of money on new products that promised that my struggles would end. Well, they didn’t. I was going to give up on my search, but I kept going. Link after link, going through the motion like a high school student trying to find all the answers to the exact homework page in her lap. But then I found it— I clicked right away because, well, who doesn’t like going commando every now and then? The first thing I read was “Unique athletic shorts you can wear without underwear.” I was hooked from the second. I went over to their technology page, and I got excited from what I read. Albeit, I am kind of a dork. Let me give you a gist. These shorts are lightweight, but the material is strong. I don’t even have to worry about them slipping off or going anywhere I don’t want them to. It’s so easy to move around them. I swear, it’s like I’m not even wearing any. Pro Volleyball Shorts are super soft, too.

The whole commando thing, though it may sound uncomfortable, is actually awesome. The crotch lining—aka as the gusset lining for the extra fancy people, is totally safe. You don’t have to worry about infections or anything like that because the lining is absorbent, breathable, and anti-bacterial. So, you’re safe! Needless to say, I bought it right away. It came, I wore it, I loved it. So, I bought the whole package—which includes the short, capris, and leggings. Even if I lost my volleyball games, I was still a total winner. Give a chance and it is assured you will change your orientation about shorts and awaken your love for it.

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