Something Comfy and Practical - Full Commando Leggings

Life isn’t all that predictable

I can be a big worrier. It gave me one of my childhood nicknames, you know those really embarrassing ones? It could be friends, boyfriends, tests, whatever - I’d think about what could go wrong. So it made me cautious, but also a great planner. So, my friends all knew that for a road trip, there was only one person to ask to make sure it went without a hitch (or a tow). Life isn’t all that predictable, though, and one road trip went completely out of control. Strangely, though, I got through it all without worrying, and it was for the most unexpected reason. We wanted to go around the state – we didn’t have long for this trip, and there were some amazing things to see here. I planned everything – route, cost, rest stops, back-up plans (yes, plural), even what to do in emergencies or if we got stranded. I was a bit over-prepared. But it gave me a safety blanket to keep me calm.

Something comfy and practical: Full Commando leggings.

The night before I checked I had everything packed, and set out my clothes for the morning. It would be warm in the car, so I went for something comfy and practical: Full Commando leggings. They were my favorite things ever since I first bought them, and perfect for so many occasions. A car journey would be a piece of cake. My friends never worked out how I managed to avoid a VPL in my leggings, and I liked having a secret, so I’d never tell them. That time, I distracted them with my checklist, which was quite long. Eventually they made me stop because they just wanted to get going. I’d done the important checks, so we set off.

Just about everything that could go wrong, went wrong. There was traffic, a tree branch on the road, and our first stop on the trip was closed due to owner illness. Nothing I could’ve planned for, and each one wearing down our excitement a bit more. I felt worse because I felt responsible. Then, we got pulled over by the cops. My friends were hot, annoyed, and now, worried. Strangely, I felt fine – I had a plan, and my leggings were keeping me fresh and dry. I calmed my friends, and got us to the side of the road with my documents ready. All the cop said was that there was a brake light out – no big deal, but we couldn’t continue driving. We ended up getting a tow to a garage, and had to go home.

Although we never made it on our trip, I still got something out of it – the confidence I could feel with the right clothing. I only realized afterwards that I had been so caught up in the moment that I didn’t have time to worry about it – everything just happened. Now, if I need an extra boost, I still always wear my Full Commando leggings!

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