Spandex And Lycra In Volleyball Shorts

When shopping for volleyball shorts, it is very important to consider the type of material and fabric yarn.

With that being said, there is some confusion when it comes to different types of material. Polyester, Spandex, and nylon are most common material in volleyball shorts.

The material that we know as spandex is actually elastane. Elastane goes by different names depending on the country you are in and what company manufactures the clothing. In the United States, elastane is most commonly known as spandex.

However, in other countries, it is commonly called either Elastane or Lycra.

Regardless, it is still elastane and still the same fabric material. Along with polyester and nylon, elastane was created by DuPont. However, this polymer exhibited a unique quality of being elastic. It wasn't until the 1950s that elastane was actually as fabric. DuPont coined the name Lycra for its elastane, whereas the United States adopted the name of spandex for the new material.

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Elastane fibers are capable of stretching up to 500% of their original length and then returning to their original length.

It can withstand this movement multiple times before losing its ability to maintain its shape. This makes elastane the ideal material for fabrics that need flexibility. In addition, elastane works well with other fibers such as polyester, nylon, cotton, and wool. In combination oh, these materials are able to stretch considerably further than on their own. Nylon and polyester are traditionally fairly stiff materials which can be uncomfortable if you are looking for something with Movement. By blending and weaving together a small amount of elastin fibers with these Fabrics, the fabric becomes more stretchy and better able to adapt to new shapes and movements. Combinations of elastane with wool and cotton allows them to stretch somewhat, however, after time they lose their ability to bounce back to the original shape and stay stretched out.

It is obvious to assume that elastane is in clothing that needs flexibility.

This includes sleeve cuffs, swimwear, and the aforementioned volleyball shorts. It is also in soft shell jackets underneath the hard shells to provide for movement. Other sportive clothing such a cycling clothing and ski garments are also from elastane. Finally, one of the most popular garments in addition to volleyball shorts or leggings which utilize elastane to provide for flexibility during movement.

Elastane has proven to be an important invention for modern clothing.

It can be known as spandex primarily in the United States, but also goes by other names such as Lycra outside of the United States. Regardless of names, these materials are still the same substance. They all provide flexibility improve important for the making of fabrics. The next time you go to buy volleyball shorts, take into consideration this information and look for the label of spandex or Lycra to guarantee that your fabric will stretch with any of your movements.

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