Spandex vs Compression Shorts: Volleyball Debate

Volleyball is a highly active, demanding sport that more than thousands of women participate in every week. If you’re new to the sport and looking for the right outfit it’s important to know that not just anything will do. A typical wardrobe would be hard-pressed to keep up with the amount of movement and agility required.

What is the right choice you ask?

The majority of players subscribe to specially-made fabric that is designed to be as agile and tough as the person wearing them – shorts especially so. Though there are many different types, two popular choices for this particular item are of the spandex and compression variety. Both are exceptional for keeping everything in its place while also allowing for the all-important range of motion required in volleyball. But what’s the difference between the two?

Compression Shorts

Many people mistake one for the other and use the two interchangeably, and in some cases they’re right!

Compression shorts often use spandex in their design to give them their signature form-fitting nature. They are made specifically to help aid in the flow of oxygen through your blood stream as well as help prevent pulled muscles and other injuries. Constricting your body with clothing may sound strange, but it is said to be very beneficial. This is probably why women all around the world use these types of shorts when it comes time to get on the court.

Don’t be stuck on the sidelines nursing a pulled hamstring while they’re out having all the fun!

Spandex Shorts

Spandex shorts, on the other hand, are typically not fully made out of their namesake material. Instead, most simply have the synthetic fabric installed at the waist and sometimes the thighs. The reason for this is to keep the clothing tight where it needs to be and loose in other areas.

It can be argued that spandex shorts are the more comfortable of the two, though there are some who will disagree. They make up for their lack in providing notable health benefits by being far more breathable than their counterpart.


If you don’t like the feeling of being strangled by your own clothes, then spandex shorts are certainly the better choice.  

Which is Better?

It is a toss-up between the two which is considered "the best" and often simply comes down to personal taste. Some women prefer more stretch while others find that the more hugging feel of compression clothing is better.

In either case both are more than fitting for anyone heading out to face the heat and spike some volleyballs. With plenty of colors and brands to choose from regardless of the type, one might say that the differences between the two is trivial, but you should know that that isn’t the case. Even if it is to simply boost blood flow or bolster a woman’s confidence in herself by looking good, your shorts are doing their part to keep you on track to becoming the next gold medalist for the women’s Olympic volleyball team.

Just be sure to know which type to grab when the day comes.

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