Stressful Things About Leggings: Panty Lines

Girls, there’s something we need to talk about. It’s a tad icky and about a precious family friend. This friend has been with us through it all; breakups, new friendships, overnight study sessions and 5k marathons. That’s right, I’m talking about leggings. Whether you like the old fashioned black leggings or its more flamboyant neon cousin, this issue likely affects you. The issue of chafing in sensitive areas, when leggings rub against our panties. And the bigger issue - visible panty lines. The relationship between panties and leggings have always been stressed; from panty lines to how warm that area gets during the summer months due to the tight fabric. The bottom line, is panties and leggings tend not to like each other very much. Sometimes, the problem isn’t that bad and simply causes general uncomfortableness. Other times, it can cause horrible issues like blisters or abrasions. There are a few solutions to this problem. The most obvious one is to go Fullcommando when wearing leggings. However, aside from your lady bits being closer to the outside world, it tends to show a bit more than we’d like. There is also the popular thong solution, but who wants to deal with a wedgie all day? Personally, I buy leggings one size higher than I would need. It gives a bit of room, but not so much that it’s noticeable, so my panties are hugging, but not suffocating or cutting into my lady bits.

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