Thank You Fashion Cycle – Leggings Are Back!

The fashion-cycle is roughly ten to twenty years. The fashion-cycle refers to the cycle of trends that re-emerges after a period – that is one reason you should never throw out some of your wardrobe staples. And guess what-leggings are back!

My fashion sense is almost non-existent. Those in-trend and in the know would probably describe my dress code as shabby-chic. I prefer anything that is comfortable, and not necessarily on trend. You can imagine my joy when leggings once again became on trend. Previously, leggings were the sole wear of the physically active and sporty – two things I am not. My physical activity involves trawling supermarket aisles looking for semi-nutritious food (read cookies). I am really glad that leggings are back. I am in fashion heaven knowing that I can comfortably wear leggings everywhere. Leggings are super comfortable and versatile. I can pull on a pair with my trusty crew-neck sweater for a quick trip to the store, or I can quickly push my feet into a pair of pretty ballet pumps and dress up my leggings with a frilly blouse for a quick lunch with my girlfriends. Leggings are everywhere and worn by everyone. It is great.

Fashionable and functional

Most leggings are made of spandex or a combination of spandex and other elasticated materials. The technology that goes into making leggings and workout shorts had come a long way since 1959 when spandex first made an impression on activewear. There is no reason for any lady to feel uncomfortable in a pair of leggings. The designs available are numerous and made to fit any shape, size or length. I came across an amazing pair of leggings on The leggings and workout shorts available at are super comfortable and stylish. The clothing is only available in black, but you do not need any other color. The color, just as the design and make of the Full Commando leggings are all you need for a workout and going-out wardrobe.

You will feel and look great in a pair of Full Commando leggings!

The design sports a wide waistband that does not cut into you while you go about your day-to-day business or trying to perfect your personal best running time. The Full Commando leggings are made of quick-drying elastic nylon which is perfect to wear under any weather conditions. And the best part of a pair of Full Commando leggings is that you do not have to wear any underwear with them. The gusset lining is made of Dr. Pad technology which comfortably keeps you protected from leaks and sweat. The three-layer gusset lining is made up of wearable foam, perforations, and carbon antistatic. The three layers keep you protected from sweat, infection and embarrassing leaks. After I found the leggings at, I have not looked anywhere else for my leggings, and I have never looked back. I have made sure I have a pair for everyday of the week and a little extra. Where ever I go, whether it be picking my kids up from school or a night out with my husband, I will always be in my trust pair of Full Commandos.

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