The Answer to Every Woman’s Volleyball Player

There have been great strides made over the years when it comes to the design and manufacture of woman’s activewear. No longer do we have to contend with see-through spandex or ill-fitting gear. The technology available to manufacturers these days, allow them to make and design workout gear for every shape, size, activity, and style. As a woman volleyball player, I was constantly on the lookout for something that was comfortable, lightweight and affordable. Let's face it, with all the technology and research that goes into designing and making woman’s volleyball player activewear, the price tag is pretty high.

Over the years of my searching for the perfect volleyball shorts, I have tried every brand, every style, and every fabric, but nothing gave me everything I was looking for.

Some brands were great for one or two elements but then lacked in every other aspect, and other brands just failed dismally. Recently, I took to looking online for any volleyball shorts solutions from private manufacturers, as my patience with the big name brands has worn thin. I was just about to give up when I came across I quickly read through their about page,and I was immediately hooked when I read that the shorts are designed, created and made by a professional female volleyball player. When I read the trials she went through to find the perfect shorts, it was like reading my own story. There really wasn’t anything else for me to do, but place an order.

When my shorts arrived, I could not wait to try it out.

At the very first game, I was in awe of the spandex shorts. It was amazingly comfortable, it felt like I had nothing on and it never rode up or shifted. I loved how I didn’t have to adjust the shorts after every point or spike or dive. The research and design team behind know their stuff. These days I wear my spandex shorts to every sports activity. I wear them when I run, play volleyball or cycle. It was made by a volleyball player for volleyball players, but they can be worn for any physical or sports activity. They even have leggings for yoga and cooler temperatures.

The technology behind the spandex shorts is so advanced that you do not have to wear any underwear with them. The design and technology of the gusset keeps you covered, as well as sweat and stain free. I have recommended them to all my friends, and some who have already bought them have nothing by good to report. Some have even gotten a pair in every design.

Playing volleyball in a pair of the spandex shorts is so comfortable. I have already thrown out a mountain of my old spandex as there is no going back once you’ve bought these spandex shorts. The lightweight, durable and super comfortable shorts are also affordable which means you can invest in more than one pair, or buy one in every style – I did!