The Best Part – You Can Wear Them Without Underwear!

AAfter many years of couch coaching and TV channel surfing, I decided that I need to get active again. I was reaching that age where all my body parts started to go south. The body issue became highlighted as I stood at my front gate waving goodbye to a very good friend. I did not so much wave as creating a wind tunnel with all the extra ‘me’ hanging off my upper arms. Witnessing this event spurred me in the direction of getting active immediately.

I decided my sporting activity was going to be running. And I had never done much running before, so I sat down and did my research. I trawled the internet looking for advice on everything from training schedules for beginners to the best running gear available. The amount of information I came across was a bit overwhelming. I had no idea there was that much to know or buy when it came to running. However, I was determined to get started and become a fabulous forty and not remain a flabby forty-something.

I followed the advice I came across online!

I invested in a great pair of running shoes; so I got some gear designed specifically for running and even joined a local running club. I was ready and eager to get going. The first time I went on a group run I thought I was going to die. And, no it was not due to my lack of physical prowess, it was due to my running gear. I looked like a red, wet mess. I had sweat patches in places that leaves little room for decorum, and the chaffing was unbearable. It nearly caused me to throw in the towel.

These leggings are amazing!!!

Luckily I am packed full with determination, and I went back to the internet in search of better running gear. I came across This company manufactures leggings, workout shorts and capri style leggings for active women. Due to my years of inactively, I am not the lithest out there, but the Full Commando leggings promised to fit any shape and size and still be comfortable. I bought a pair to try, and I have never looked back. These leggings are amazing, you can wear them without underwear. They fit incredibly well and do not dig and cut you in your soft bits.

The best part – you can wear them without underwear!

Ever since I found, I recommend them to any woman I meet looking for workout gear, and I wear nothing else. I have since bought many pairs of leggings, also workout shorts and the capris style leggings. All those three are made with Full Commando technology, which means you can wear them without underwear. They are the best workout gear I have ever come across. Thanks to the well-designed leggings and the technology that went into the gusset that keeps you dry and leaks free, I have been able to enjoy my running and have gone on to complete a few marathons. I no longer have flabby bits flying about,and I feel a lot better. Also, thanks to my very stylish FullCommando workout great, I look great too. Get your Full Commando leggings or workout shorts today. It is an investment in workout gear you will never regret.

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