The Best Thing About Leggings - Freedom Of Movement

Freedom of movement

Leggings are great aren’t they? You can feel freedom of movement. They’re comfortable, customizable, and you look good wearing them. They can be worn at any occasion, from casual to professional. Have a meeting in 20 minutes? Throw on a pair of black leggings with a cardigan, short dress or long blouse. Friends inviting you to hang out? Throw on some Jack Skellington leggings, grab a hoodie and you’re out the door. There’s never a downside to these wonderful alternatives to jeans, slacks and capris... The best thing about them is freedom of movement. Whether you’re running a marathon or simply running for the bus, leggings are great for any physical activity. However, sometimes, leggings aren’t as free as we’d like them to be. The culprit lies between our thighs, protecting our lady bits from the horrors of the outside world. That’s right, I’m talking about underwear. Whether you prefer tidy-whities, thongs, boy shorts, or the ever elegant lace panty; leggings and our undergarments tend not to mix well. Leggings are really tight, and our panties typically lay snugly against our skin. Unfortunately, leggings sometimes turns snuggling into choking, making the experience very uncomfortable. So, instead of enjoying the comfiness of yoga pants, our minds drift to the odd pain down below. This obfuscates the true freedom of leggings, since it really takes the fun out of it. And at that point, you might as well wear jeans. One solution is to ditch the undies and go Full commando. Every woman feels different about leggings and going Full commando, so just do you. If this really is an issue for you, long blouses, short dresses and peplums exist for a reason. Try freedom of movement in Full Commando leggings.

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