The Spandex Shorts-You Do Not Have to Wear Underwear Below Them

I can’t believe why I never tried spandex shorts before. I am a volleyball enthusiast, and I hit the beach as soon as summer begins, ready to start my game. But the shorts that I used to wear while playing always made me twitch. They were loose and thin, so I had to wear underwear underneath. I had to fix them up from time to time during the game because they were so slippery. The worst part was that they couldn’t absorb sweat, and I cringed in them waiting to get out of them, and let my skin breathe. They made my skin all wrinkly and the stretchy elastic band left marks on my waist.

These Spandex Shorts Are Made Of a Light-Weight But Thick Fabric, so You Do Not Have to Wear Underwear Below Them

When my friend introduced me to Full Commando, I was in awe with their spandex shorts which they specially designed for women athletes who played volleyball. These spandex shorts are made of a light-weight but thick fabric. So you do not have to wear underwear below them – isn’t that amazing! The fabric is so soft and comfortable that I hardly feel like I am wearing anything. They give a great shape to my body and provide excellent support during my play.

Cool Max Technology

These spandex shorts are made with flat seam stitching which provides extra comfort when wearing them. And I do not see those ugly marks around my waistline anymore. The shorts are designed with Cool Max Technology which means that even if you are playing out in the sun just like me, you can still stay cool in your spandex, and not feel sweaty. The 4" inseam is very practical for the game, and I can jump and dive for those tough shots easily without having to worry about the spandex shorts biting into my skin.


Spandex Shorts From Full Commando

The low-rise waistband for the spandex shorts gives a very neat and finished look. I love these spandex shorts so much that I have bought every design in store, and I wear them to each of my games. They are so cheap compared to those high-end brands which rip you off with expensive but poor quality sportswear. I have recommended my favourite spandex shorts from Full Commando to all my friends, family members and those young enthusiastic girls who want to play volleyball but do not feel comfortable in their sportswear. Being an athlete myself, I can share their discomfort. And I want to reveal the comfort of these shorts to every woman who loves playing volleyball as much as I do.

I feel blessed that I came across these spandex shorts because now I feel more thrilled when I am playing. Volleyball is my passion and I want every girl to enjoy this sport just like I do without feeling embarrassed about their attire or how they look. These spandex shorts have given me the confidence to feel comfortable in my own skin, and I want to share my experience with every female player out there, so she can enjoy her time at the beach too playing volleyball.

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