The Technology That Goes Into Activewear

Since the 1980’s the design and technology that goes into making activewear has come a long way. Long gone are the days of ill-fitting and inappropriate fabrics for people that live an active life. The range of activewear for women has grown tremendously with clothing specifically designed for every sport and physical activity there is. From running, tennis, swimming, kickboxing, and even pole dancing – there is gear readily available and tailored exactly for these activities.

Technical fabrics

We all know the inconvenience and discomfort experienced when working out in gear that does not fit correctly or is made from heavy, unsuitable fabric. Luckily, these days,thoughtlessly designed activewear is hardly a problem you come across when buying new sportswear. With the innovation going into fabric design and manufacture,technical fabrics are available in all makes of sports and activewear today. I recently found an amazing pair of workout shorts on Full Commando. These shorts are not only light-weight but you can wear them without any underwear. The stylish bottoms are manufactured with incredible fabrics and materials that are durable and incredibly light-weight. This quick-drying fabric makes these shorts the perfect sportswear for women who do not particularly like wearing underwear with their activewear. The technology that goes into the unique gusset means you are fully and comfortably protected from any leaks and sweat. The inner of the shorts is made up of three different layers of fabric that ensures you are comfortable and sweat-free.

Amazing fit

There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in our sportswear when working out. Anything from chaffing upper arms, chaffing thighs and too tight waistbands that dig into your flesh only leaves you feeling frustrated after your exercise session. These shorts from Full Commando have the perfect fit. It fits snuggly around your bottom to ensure it will not ride up when you are working out. However, it fits low enough on the thigh to not have your legs chaffing when you are running, walking or during any other physical activity. A well placed and broad waistband fits securely on the hips and will not dig into your flesh. Also, the thick but light-weight fabric makes all for an amazingly comfortable fit. There is a handy size guide to help you make sure you get the proper size for your body shape.

The innovative design of these pair of shorts is the first of its kind.

Three layers give you the protection and comfort you need during all sports activities. The foam layer provides the density and resilience, the perforations allow for breathability and carbon antistatic prevents infections. The carbon antistatic disperses and absorbs static electricity that protects you by keeping your skin dry and speeding up evaporation of moisture. The Full Commando workout shorts are perfect for the active women. A product designed by active women for women. It will not disappoint.

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