The Worst Thing Ever Occur: See Through Shorts

Shorts come in all shapes and colors. As much as I love shorts, there are some negative side effects that happen if I am not careful. I’m sure all of you have had something like this occur at one point or another. I’m referring to the translucent problem. When you find a pair of shorts, make your way over to yoga class or the gym and someone taps you on the shoulder saying, “I can see through your shorts.” The embarrassment is dreadful, the humiliation of going throughout your day, knowing that you are wearing see through shorts is even worse; It’s best to avoid this issue, by taking some steps. First and foremost, take care in selecting the fabric your shorts are made of. Cotton shorts, although comfortable, are not made for stretching. They are made for lounging...

How To Avoid See Through Shorts?

Cotton doesn’t keep as well as other fabrics like lycra or nylon-lycra blends. You can usually tell if a pair of shorts will tear, as they will take on a sheen. This sheen means the pants are being stretched farther than they can normally go and most likely, are becoming translucent. Color is another way to avoid this problem. Darker colors like dark blue or black are less likely to be translucent, even if the sheen shows. Last, is size. Next time you are shopping for shorts, get one size up. It still sticks to the skin, but it a lot more comfortable as it gives you room to breathe and is not so close to your lady bits. If you really want that revolutionary shorts technology change your life try FullCommando now! Official website:

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