Thongs As A Nightmare: All Day Wedgie

If we are honest, thongs are the absolute worst, but somehow thongs are the solution we have all settled on. Wearing thongs seems like a great idea because the panty line crisis is averted, but who wants to have an all-day wedgie? No one wants that. I certainly don’t! How am I supposed to go for a run or get through a yoga class if I’m pulling at my leggings the entire time? So, the question now is this: is there a better way to wear leggings or does the problem perhaps lie in the fact that we are putting appearance before comfort?

The Men Never Encountered This Issue: Why?!

Not to cry patriarchy here, but the men in our lives have most likely never encountered this issue. Why? Well, their underwear is basically a pair of comfy shorts that they wear under their pants. Sounds amazing, right? Imagine if Victoria’s Secret made soft, silky drawers instead of the three and a half inches of lacey fabric us ladies call underwear! Maybe the trick to this panty line problem is to stop wearing clothes that are unnecessarily skin-tight. Another option is going good, old-fashioned Fullcommando. There is nothing more comfy and empowering than just saying no to panties for a day. And hey, if it keeps the booty free of panty lines that’s a bonus! Whatever your feelings are about the panty situation, one thing is for sure: in leggings we trust!

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