Thongs Cause An Infection: Avoid Under Pants


It’s not secret, but I hate thongs. By itself, as sexy lingerie with a garter belt is totally acceptable; however, thongs are the bane of the booty. Sure, they banish panty lines to the grave, and is a bit more secure than going Fullcommando, but they also go where they shouldn’t. Not to mention, it covers nothing, and unless you want a constant wedgie, you’re gonna hate every second of it on your body. These aspects also come with health concerns, that, even if you’re a veteran thong wearer, you should be aware of. Thongs cause an infection.

Commonly, Escherichia coli is transferred

Bacteria can be transferred over that area of the body. Commonly, Escherichia coli is transferred. The fabric of the thong, must be breathable. Thongs made from cotton are the easiest to find and a good breathable material. It is pertinent that the inner and outer fabric are made from breathable fabric. If the inner fabric is made from, say cotton, but the outside is made out of lace, satin or other constricting material; this is an issue as it doesn't allow the moisture to escape. The outer material traps it. The trapped moisture makes your lady bits prone to bacteria. Thongs cause an infection called bacterial vaginosis (typically). One of the things is causes is discharge, which can potentially make the situation worse. The reason, is panty liners. Typically when vaginal discharge happens, and you're not on your period, panty liners are the lifesavers. However, if your thong is already made from material that constricts moisture, panty liners further suffocates your lady bits. If it gets this bad, the best thing to do is to take a break from thongs, or find thongs made from a more breathable material. So, if you want to wear thongs, make sure they let your lady bits breathe! If this article freaked you out a bit, that's okay! There are plenty of alternatives to thongs if you want to take a break from the thong army. For those who are looking for an alternative to avoid panty lines, I suggest going Fullcommando.

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