Tips For Volleyball Beginners

Starting to play a new sport can be scary for any athlete. However, volleyball players face an important challenge when it comes to knowing proper etiquette versus unknown etiquette and rules. All of these come with practice an experience. However, there are some volleyball tips that you can learn beforehand to make yourself look less like a rookie.

volleyball tips

1. Calling Out Mine

One of the most important tips in volleyball is to call out mine when you are going to hit the volleyball. Calling out mine, although it may be obvious, indicates that you were going after the ball and that nobody else should. It might seem that silly, but is actually more common than you may assume. It eliminates confusion among teammates and allows for better communication.

2. Three Hits On Your Side

Another important thing to consider when playing volleyball is that you have three hits on your side of the court before it must be played on to the opposing side. It is important to utilize all three of these hits before sending it back over the net. Although an experienced players might be intimidated, strategically, it is better to score by utilizing all three heads. Each hit comes with its own strategy and opportunity for scoring. On the same topic, don't touch the second ball unless the setter has called for help. The setter is there to take the second hit and set up the hitters. They are trained to move quickly to the ball. So even if it looks like they will not make it, they will.

volleyball tips

3. Do Not Land On Or Under The Net

Although this may seem as an obvious rule, do not land on or under the net. It is tempting to get as many spikes as you can. But you must remain unaware of your coordination and balance. There are many times where players are focused on hitting the ball. And they do not realize how close they are to the net. Touching the net is one obvious rule violation and can cost your team up point and is also an important part of safety as running into the net can cause injury.

4. Good Volleyball Equipment

Another unspoken rule is that you should always bring the equipment you were going to need and even some extras in case someone forget something. It happens to the best of us that we forget, but don't make it a habit. Make a point to make a checklist and check your bag before leaving, especially if you are in a rush. Make sure to pack clean socks and clean shorts and a water bottle or a sweat towel inside your gym bag. You must also make sure to clean your gear regularly. So that it does not smell make sure you give them time to air out and wash them to remove any type of odor.

When it comes to footwear, volleyball is a court sport meaning that you are going to want to wear indoor shoes. If you are not going to buy specific volleyball shoes to begin with, make sure you are not wearing dirty outdoor shoes on the court. Any dirt or water can be a hazard and cause a player to flip. Indoor shoes should also not Mark the floor and leave any skid marks. Wear gym clothes that are more fitted and consider investing in appropriate volleyball shorts and knee pads.

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