Top Must Haves For Beach Volleyball Play

Beach volleyball is a great sport for people who live on the ocean as I do. In my case, it’s Miami Beach and the miles along the coast to the Atlantic Ocean. Playing beach sports is part of my weekend routine, but beach volleyball takes precedent. People play beach volleyball all over the world and is really, really popular with Europeans and Hispanics, which there are plenty of in Miami Beach. At some point, however, I noticed some wardrobe issues with my shorts. I thought it could be adjusted right on the spot, but I learned it was not so easy and it was kind of embarrassing.

1. The Sand Stays On Me Top To Bottom

First thing to note is that, this sport you play on sand, obviously, and I learned quickly the shorts also act like a magnet. When I fell and dived into the sand to take a hit at the ball, the sand stays on me top to bottom. But, the sand really sticks on my shorts and I can’t wipe off with my hand.

2. The Shorts Were So Tight I Had A Camel Toe Showing

he next thing is the tightness of the shorts you wear. Case and point: I played one game in my usual shorts and noticed a number of men staring at me, but not to my eye line. My volleyball partner pulled me aside and broke the news to me discreetly: the shorts were so tight I had a camel toe showing.

3. Shorts Being A See-Through When I Squatted

I was more concerned about the shorts being a see-through when I squatted – another problem itself – but the camel toe look never crossed my mind. Finally, there is the sweating. It’s under the sun, and, living under the humidity that is Miami Beach, there is plenty of sweat dripping. In connection to the sand problem, the sweat is the glue that makes the sand stickier. The constant rubbing could cause some bruising. I had to come up with solutions to the sand hugging, camel toeing, and see-through bruising problems that would not affect my game. I came across FullCommando shorts as my salvation. It isn’t a see through piece of pants, it absorbs the sweat well that no outline of the lower area is shown, and it isn’t too detailed below, which means no more camel toe. Plus, the material keeps the sand from sticking.

With FullCommando, I am more comfortable playing my favorite outdoor sports on the beach comfortably and without issue. Their shorts are incredible for us women playing any sports because they prevent the embarrassing and fearful looks. No staring eyes because something is odd about what we are wearing. FullCommando has been helpful so much. I went from buying 1 pair to 4 pairs because I exercise in multiple sports almost every day. So ladies, don’t fret about those shorts that may get so tight, you feel like there’s a crotch corset being worn. FullCommando is here to save the day! If you really want that revolutionary beach volleyball technology change your life try FullCommando now! Official website: