Ultra-Comfort, NO Ride Up Volleyball Shorts! NO Muffin Top, NO See Through, NO Cameltoe!

Whether I’m stretching before a game, or spiking hard over the net, playing volleyball is a big part of my life. I’ve tried many different workout shorts to find the ones that will support my active lifestyle, but no matter how many brands I buy, I keep finding the same two frustrating volleyball shorts problems:

1. The shorts are see-through!

Have you ever bought the perfect pair of shorts for your body, but unfortunately found out fabric was see through? Have your friends pointed out you had gone without panties? If you're like me, you don’t want to share your body with the world. This was my life for a long time. Before every workout I had to make sure myself in the mirror, and watch what colors I wore. As time went on, my self-consciousness grew and began affecting my play. I jumped less, ran less, and grew more discouraged. My coach grew disappointed in my performance, but couldn’t think of a better pair of shorts. Eventually, I came across Pro Volleyball Spandex Shorts. The fabric was matte, thick, and I no longer had to worry about anyone seeing through my clothing. With this problem solved, my love for practicing and pushing myself returned. I went to games, or practice, and raved about the Pro Volleyball Shorts. I wanted everyone to know about these shorts that came out of the box ready-to-work.

2. The cheap volleyball shorts ride up!

While wearing other shorts, the second problem I found was asymmetrical seams. During games, I constantly had to pull my shorts down as they crept up my legs. I yanked at my shorts more often than bumping the ball! If I didn’t have time to adjust them they would tighten around my thighs and restrict my circulation. I would have rings around my thighs as the fabric rubbed against my skin. Though the packaging of these brands said they would fit my body, the fit was wrong. I asked around for reviews on other spandex shorts, and though many women had the same issue, none were able to solve my problem.

This became such a distraction that I was unable to support my team as I had done before!

Again, Pro Volleyball Spandex Shorts was the answer to my trouble. With its precise measurements, and dig-free waistband, it settled on my body and stayed where it should. The lightweight, smooth, microfiber blend remained cool in hot weather and gave me comfort all day. My thighs remained free from suffocating fabric and I was able to run faster, jump higher, and stay flexible throughout the entire game. Pro Volleyball Spandex Shorts is a life savior.

I’ve told my entire team about them. We’re better than ever!

PS: See how Pro Volleyball Shorts perform in action (the one wearing all black):


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