Use Compression Shorts During Basketball Practice

Shorts are cool, comfortable and changeable garments worn over the pelvic area, around the waist and dividing into two, so as to cover the upper part of the legs and it often extend to the knees but not to the whole leg and it is mostly useful in the summer period. They are either worn as undergarment or underwear for example boxer shorts. Shorts are generally worn by both men and women, both young and old, that is, shorts are not just for men as it is assumed to be. There are different type of shorts, for example we have; track shorts, walking shorts, compression shorts, Gym shorts, boxer shorts, cut-off from the normal trousers and lots more. Also wearing shorts during all or most workouts and sports has lots of advantages aside from the fact it makes one very comfortable.

I really like using shorts, as it makes me really comfortable and cool. I use shorts mostly during my little workouts, yoga class, dance class, basketball practice and if maybe I have to just buy something in a mall nearby or have to visit a friend at the next Street. Shorts are not only meant for men, women and ladies can also wear it at their leisure time, though it is most times not an official wear, but I wear it during my little time out with friends at a get together party or picnic.

Use Compression Shorts During Basketball Practice

Compression Shorts are shorts that are mostly worn mostly by athletes as undergarments. And I usually use it during my basketball practice and other workouts, because;

  • It helps in proper and adequate blood circulation in the leg.
  • Wearing compression shorts help prevent deep vein thrombosis and also reduces swelling in the leg.
  • Wearing it helps in preventing muscle strain by keeping the muscle warm.
  • When I go out in shorts, I feel cool and more comfortable compared to the times I wear trousers.
  • It helps in quick strain recovery
  • Also helps in reducing muscle fatigue
  • Helps in fast recovery of the muscle, after some strenuous workouts.
  • It also contributes to my performance as an athlete
  • It also stabilises the joints during the practice
  • Compression Shorts gives more extension and flexion twist
  • It regulate body temperature
  • Perfect during summer, because of the hot weather

I wear shorts during my basketball practice for lots of other reasons aside the ones above. Shorts are just the best for summer weather. There are two types of Shorts namely Outerwear (gym shorts, track shorts e.t.c) and underwear (boxer shorts), though both are meant to be worn with nothing underneath but differs in prices. Give wearing shorts a try and you will understand all the things I have been talking about and stop allowing Men get all the benefits.

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