Volleyball Has Been Part of My Life For as Long as I Can Remember

Volleyball has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I started playing volleyball at school, and then got selected into the team. I continued playing volley at college, and any time I could find in between my studies. I used to love going to the beach just to play volleyball with my friends and have a good time. But the shorts I wore were not always comfortable. They were baggy and slipped easily especially when I was diving for the ball. I always had to adjust my sportswear several times during the game. It became embarrassing and annoying. I could not focus on my game, because I was conscious about my clothes all the time.

The fabric is so thick that you don’t even have to wear underwear!

Then someone told me about Full Commando apparel which specially designed spandex shorts for volleyball players. At first, I wasn’t sure but then my friend told me that the fabric is so thick that you don’t even have to wear underwear. Then I got interested an order a new pair of spandex shorts for myself. Since that day, I have always bought spandex shorts from Full Commando and never looked back. I have a pair from all of their design collection because the spandex shorts are so cheap.

Absorb all the sweat

They fit well and absorb all the sweat, leaving my skin dry and fresh. They are easy to clean and stain-free. They are so lightweight yet their fabric is so thick. I feel like I have nothing on, and I can focus on my game again. My confidence has returned, and I do not feel nervous about my sportswear anymore. In fact, I wear my spandex shorts to all my games and even when I am out for a jog.

These spandex shorts keep your body cool

The best part is that these spandex shorts keep your body cool even during the summer heat, which makes wearing them to a beach volleyball game super fun. The designs are absolutely fascinating, and the style is very unique. Ever since I started wearing these spandex shorts to my volleyball games, all my girlfriends have been asking me where I got them from. The website makes the order process seem like a breeze, and the shorts are delivered straight to your door.

Full Commando

Full Commando Shorts

I do not have to fuss about my active wear anymore. I have all my needs covered thanks to the amazing design and super comfort of these fabulous spandex shorts. Even my game has improved, and now I can play more freely and focus on my shots without having to worry about my apparel. I love every minute of playing volleyball more than ever thanks to these awesome spandex shorts. And I even got matching t-shirts to go with my spandex shorts, and my active wear just looks amazing. I cannot wait for my next game to try out my new spandex shorts that I bought yesterday from Full Commando. I’m sure to make a few heads turn!

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