What Are The Advantages Of Having A Tall Libero In Volleyball?

A libero who primarily is a defensive specialist to safeguard and serve as the linchpin of the team should preferably be tall. Because there are numerous advantages that revolves around a tall libero in volleyball.

A Libero is the defensive position added to volleyball in 1999. This position aids the middle blocker position whenever that player returns to the back row. Although the libero must ensure not to go to the front row.


The following are characteristics of any libero in a team:

  • They are not considered for substitution.
  • And they put on a different color jersey amongst the other teammate.
  • They are position at the back position and they assist the middle blocker too.
  • And they do not roll over to the front row.
In volleyball the Libero is the Defensive Captain and wears a different colored jersey.

However, a Libero characteristics are with the above entitlement and saddle with critical position. They can't do a few things, such as:

  1. Attempt to block balls: As a model of specialization is strictly expected to oblige to the defensive position. And allow other position to play at their recognized post.
  2. Serving: This is an activity that is completely ruled out of the duty of a libero. But they permits serving in certain circumstances. This is a newly condition for the libero.
  3. Attacking of the ball above the height of the net: As a libero stationed at the back for defensive guidance, you are to stick to it and avoid overlapping into a situation of attempting to attack the ball. The position does not provide a direct offensive position.
  4. Set an attacker from the front court: This is mainly the duty of the setter to ensure a hitter for the team, than for the defensive position. The libero, foregoing their position to set an attacker from the front court.

What then are the advantages of having a tall libero?

If you critically follow up the duties of the libero in a team. You will agree with me that a tall libero will ensure the following:

  • Easy defense on the side of the team: The height of a libero is a plus to a team that has one for it will aid them in strong defensive.
  • Feeding of the setter: The tall libero can feed the setter a perfect ball that will promote a better strike against their opponent.
  • Accuracy of their passes: A tall libero can assure to hit the balls accurately. It will be a plus to the team if they’ve got a tall libero who shall ensure accurate passes for the team.

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