What Are the Best Volleyball Spandex

I love volleyball, I have been playing the sports since middle school. The only problem is whenever I wore my old shorts, they would always ride up my crotch. It was embarrassing trying to adjust my shorts in front of all the audience. Then a friend told me about volleyball spandex shorts, I tried them and I have never looked back since then.

Spandex shorts are so popular because they are super comfortable, and look so slimming. When I started shopping at Full Commando, the colors and designs of their volleyball spandex shorts just left me awestruck. I found out that the brand had been the aspiration of a pro volleyball female athlete who noticed the problem that women had to face during the game due to the volleyball apparel. She decided to change it and introduced her own line of volleyball shorts made of spandex material.


What I like more about these spandex shorts is that they are super absorbent and take in all the sweat leaving your body dry and fresh. I love wearing my spandex shorts to volleyball beach matches because my skin does not get sweaty after a hot game. Another thing I like about the spandex shorts is that they are designed to provide comfort in all seasons. During winters, the shorts keep me warm and help in maintaining the blood circulation in my body. In the summers, they keep me cool even when the sun is blazing at the beach.

What's the Real Story?

My volleyball spandex shorts are not just a sports outfit. I wear them on long walk, bicycle rides, yoga practices and many other occasions. For me, spandex shorts make a fashion statement that reflect my own personality. It gives me a sporty figure while giving the image of a healthy and active person. The variety of colors and designs at Full Commando give you so much option to mix and match your attire. Whenever I pick out a spandex short, I buy a t-shirt with it that complements the colors and style. I match different accessories with my volleyball apparel too like wrist watches, shades, head bands, sweat bands, socks, sneakers and duffel bags.

How Can you Actually Use This?

Many colleges and universities have their own volleyball spandex uniforms designed in bright and vibrant colors. I wish I had one back when I was at school, I would have enjoyed the game even more then. Wearing spandex shorts gives me so much confident because I do not have to worry about my apparel anymore, and I can just focus on my game. The spandex gives me all the flexibility I need to dive for those difficult shots or jump high up. I can shift in any angle and make those body movements very quickly.

Here's the deal:

If you want to try a volleyball spandex short for yourself, and see what it feels like, I would suggest that you check out the huge variety available at Full Commando. Their quality is very good, and if you purchase a bundle of four, you get free shipping!