What are the Most Common Types of Hits Used in the Game of Volleyball?

Volleyball is a fantastic game which uses your hand-eye coordination and puts your physical fitness to test. The idea is to hit the ball with your hands in a way that the ball finds an empty space in the opposition’s part of the pitch and touches the ground. But this is achieved by using different types of volleyball hits using our forearms and hands.

There are four most common types of hits which volleyball players use in the game:

1. Serve

'Serve' is the first hit in the game of Volleyball. However there are three types of serve: Underhand, Overhand, and Jumping serve. In an underhand serve, you have closed fists, and they can hit the ball over the net with an underhand motion. But the overhand serve is done by throwing the ball up in the air and catching it with one hand with the overhand motion. In this kind of service, your feet should not leave the ground. A jump serve is an overhand serve with a jump. In this type of serve, you have to leap before the contact. This gives alleviation to the projectile and makes it a bit difficult to counter.

Serving is vital for good volleyball player and an important skill for the whole team.

2. Bump hit

The bump hit probably the most essential technique in the game of Volleyball. Forearms are used to pass the ball to your teammates. Once you have been served, you can bump the ball in the air so that your teammate gets appropriate time to position himself under the ball for the final hit. Bump hit is further subdivided into two types of hits: Regular bump hit, and Dig bump hit. A regular bump hit is performed when the contact with the ball is made above your waist. A dig hit is completed when you have to go down to make contact. In such cases, the ball is hit below your waistline.

3. Setting

A set hit or setting is a process of passing the ball to your teammates for the final time in a round. But this is considered as a tricky hit, and only specialized players are given the role of setters. Presence of mind is significant for the players who are standing in the setters position. Once a bump hit is performed, the ball is supposed to go to a setter for a set hit.

In this, fingers are used in an upward motion to bring the ball closer to the volleyball net. By doing so, a setter lays the field for a spike hit (the next kind of volleyball hit).

The player’s position should also be considered when buying volleyball knee pads.

4. Spike hit

The last and most common type of hit used in the game of Volleyball is the spike hit. After the ball is set and in the air, a team member is tasked to jump near the net and throw his/her hand to the ball. However the ball, with the help of this extreme force, gets diverted towards the ground of opposition’s pitch. But if their defender or blocker is not good enough, you’ll gain points after a successful spike hit.

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