What Should a Beginner Wear For Their First Volleyball Game?

The most important thing for your first game is that you’re comfortable.

Wear volleyball clothes that you’re familiar with, and that give you the room to move as much as you need to on the court. Breathability is totally important too – a breathable game kit is the difference between you being able to hug people afterwards, and your hugs being a crime against the environment! Volleyball is a hot and sweaty game, and you’re constantly active and on the move.

So, What To Wear When Playing Volleyball?

Your shirt should have enough space around the arms to let you wave them all the way around your head and body. Don’t wear constrictive clothing on your upper body – lycras are fine down below, but you want your arms to have maximum rotation and reach. Lycra tops will pull your shoulders in, and around other joints in your arms, ultimately restricting your movement when playing on the court. Don’t ever wear a wired bra when playing a sport like volleyball, or any sport for that matter – sports bras are your best option for protection and support.

Make sure your volleyball spandex shorts are a good fit.

You can wear the volleyball spandex shorts here if you want, the important thing being that they don’t restrict your movement. Shorts that are constantly riding up during your first game will not only be uncomfortable, but they’ll distract you from what’s happening on the court around you. At the following link you can read about which material is the best for volleyball shorts.

Your shoes and socks need to be breathable, and your socks are best as crew socks, or full knee socks. Ankle socks will slip down, and again, they’ll distract you, or cause you trouble in your shoes as they roll up and push into your feet. Your feet do such a lot of work during a volleyball game, taking the impact of your leaps and jumps and supplying the bounce you need to jump and get the points scored. The least you can do for them is keep them comfy, and cool.

Loose hair will look great in action photos, but that’s about the only thing it’s good for.

Tie your hair up. Loose hair will look great in action photos, but that’s about the only thing it’s good for. You need to have the best view of all angles of the court relevant to your position, and keeping your hair tied back out of your face is one way to accomplish that. Try not to wear too much make up. Your face will get sweaty during the game. Your mascara will collect into lumps in your eyes, and your foundation will streak down your face, revealing the flushed pink skin beneath. Feel free to keep your face fresh with some cleansing wipes, or even just a spray bottle filled with water. You don’t need to have contoured cheekbones to win a volleyball game, that’s for sure! And don’t women look their best as nature intended them, anyway?

Finally, be sure to pad yourself appropriately. Shop around for your protection, because some are known to be bulky and restrictive. You want to protect your body, but at the same time, you don’t want to hinder your performance!

The most important thing is to protect your knees from injury, therefore you have to wear volleyball knee pads.

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