What To Wear For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - The Answer Is Full Commando Spandex Shorts

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art sport that is adopted from the traditional judo combat. But in a more athletic form rather than just self-defense. As a smaller, less physically built female, I decided, on recommendation from others, to take a chance at learning how to defend myself in a perilous situation. Since I started practicing, I’ve gotten better and I love it. While the physical part is conquerable, I had a bit of trouble with what to wear because this sport is obviously not something found in the gym.

Sweat Go Through My Shorts And Expose My Butt

First, there is the sweating. I sweat a lot, probably more than others. The sweat in some areas is heavy enough to go through my shorts and expose my butt as if I were wearing a thong to begin with. That’s the second problem because, as I learned in my first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fight, wearing a thong as underwear is not ideal. Yes, the thong is Brazilian. But it doesn’t feel right when sparing. While my teammate had me pinned down and was dragging me around, I had a second fight with my thong because it became, well, stuffed “up there,” if you catch my drift. It twisted along the side, making it more uncomfortable as I got up and straight myself out following my dragging.

The Fabric Could Be A “See Through” And The Camel Toe Problem

Two other problems to note: the shorts can be too tight and the fabric could be a “see through” look. Two other ways of giving people a peek of the entire package. Obviously, having tight shorts for such a physically exhausting exercise is necessary so nothing slides. But having it too tight around could show off an outline of our vulva, aka the camel toe. The same goes with certain colours and fabrics, where squatting in a certain position leads to a mild wardrobe malfunction with the front and backside, even if wearing panties.

So, how did I solve these problems during my Jiu-Jitsu exercises?

I went commando – FullCommando to be exact. With the sweat, the fabric absorbs it in and nothing would be exposed. With the thong problem, you actually do have to not wear anything under (going commando literally) and you will be more flexible when flipping, crawling, and flying around. FullCommando shorts act as a big piece of underwear that can be worn in public because it’s also not a see-through fabric. That is a misconception with these kinds of pants that sometimes scare us women. It is on the dark side to cover up everything. Finally, it also cuts down on the outline that leads to camel toe. No sneak peek for men who like that thing. I’ve begun to get a hold of this incredible form of self-defense wile being comfortable in my own skin while wearing a sports bra and FullCommando shorts. Try it yourself! If you really want that revolutionary Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu technology change your life try FullCommando now! Official website: www.fullcommando.com