Which Material Is The Best For Volleyball Shorts?

Ouch! And the short is torn again. Do you go totally mad at yourself when your short tears during your play? Do you go frustrated at the sight of indication that your short will disgrace you in the team if you play with such short on? However these are possible things that could infuriate a player at the notice that their short is a puzzled whiff of a kind, made out of a material of jettisoned cotton. This piece takes us through better materials for volleyball short that will save you from the icon of mocking from your colleagues.

Aside the mockery and disgrace a short may bring, a volleyball short also influences your performance during practices. But a volleyball short enhances you to play expertly and comfortably. It could aid you freely move and dive, in spiking a ball to where needed.


Ensure to checkout for the fabric yarn, this is a pivotal material to examine first. But it should be flexible and friendly to the body skin. Being flexible in this case, do not mean stretches into leading to its damages but the yarn should be firm. Recommended materials for women are the polyester, polyamide and spandex.


The polyester deals primarily with holding the shape of the short appropriately and making it durable. It ensures the flexibility of the short and gives it the appropriateness that will make the player comfortable while playing.


Polyamide (nylon) has similar specifications as polyester, but it is a little bit more expensive. Nylon fabrics tend to have a better feel, because they have softer and more flexible fibers.


The spandex made perfectly will create room for the conducive movement of the player. However this uncovers the expertise of the player will properly done well in a short.


This is a unisex feature for men’s and women’s short. This has to do with the lining from the crotch region to the bottom, thereafter leading to the inner side of the leg. But the standard length of inseam for women is expected to range from 2 to 4 inches.


The waistband expected to be sew for women should have a flat seam with perfected finishing. This band should be elastic for flexibility sake and tight to ensure snug fitting.


If you are looking for volleyball shorts with special gusset lining, which can take care of any leaks or sweat you, can try Full Commando pro volleyball shorts. They are made for female volleyball players who do not want to wear underwear underneath. With their special gusset lining you can play volleyball without worries.


This leads us to a list of materials that are advisable for players to settle for. These are a review of shorts with the best material for volleyballs, tested and trusted that will give you more comfort to move freely and expertly.

Mizuno Low Rider

Made from polyester and spandex, it gives fitness and comfort to player of volleyball.

FlyMeteor Enthuse Volleyball Short

This is a bit longer than the ordinary short used for volleyball. It comes with a gusset that provides comfort and enable free mobility of the player.

ASICS Baseline Volleyball Short

This short is made of polyester and spandex material available in different shades and color. With a 3-inch insem.

Under Armour Girls On The Court Short

This short is lightweight and gives absolute comfort. This is made up of heat gear material.

Baleaf Women’s 3 Active Fitness Volleyball Short

This is made from a polyester and spandex material that provides maximum comfort for players.

Full Commando Volleyball Short

They are made from a 70 % polyamide and 30 % spandex/elastane. The Full Commando volleyball spandex shorts provide just the amount of stretch that you need for your body to move freely, while keeping the shorts in place so they do not ride up. The magic is in the 4-way spandex material which is super soft, fully absorbent and strong enough to support the different positions and angles of your body without shifting from its place. The material can be stretched up to 600 times and it will still come back to its original shape.

volleyball spandex shorts
Full Commando volleyball spandex shorts

Even though the volleyball spandex shorts stick to your body, they are so comfortable that you feel like you are not wearing anything at all. The fabric is so thick, that it gives you complete coverage, even if you are not wearing underwear underneath.

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